Too Sweet

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Robin POV

I tried calming my nerves as my feet felt like heavy rocks as I slowly approached the classroom a few feet from me. I contemplated on going home as my mind couldn't pay attention to anything right now.

"Sup Freckles," Ryan greeted slightly startling me coming from behind.

"H-Hey," I cleared my throat trying to hide my frantic state.

"You look like you've seen a ghost," his green eyes held concern as took in my appearance. "Are you okay?"He asked standing in front of me.

"Y-Yeah," I stuttered as I couldn't seem to calm down. My mind played different scenarios of how my parents would storm into my new life and I just wasn't ready to deal with all that.

"Man you're a terrible liar," he laughed shaking his head. "You wanna skip?" He asked pointing towards the exit of the school.

"I can't," I replied softly shaking my head. I had to keep my attendance at school so that Stacey wouldn't be suspicious of me and Joe.

"Why? It's just health class. Nobody really takes it serious," he shrugged holding on to his backpack as it hung off his shoulder.

"We still need to pass," I sighed finally looking up at his green eyes as he stood in front of me waiting.

"Are you failing?" He asked.

"No." I answered.

"Then you're good. Let's go," Ryan beamed putting his arm around my shoulder as he lead us opposite the Health lass that was about to start in a minute. I didn't have the strength to argue with him in this one and I didn't want to. I knew I should be in class but my mind was a war zone and I needed time to think.

So I welcomed the distraction Ryan was offering as he lead us opposite the crowd of students heading into the building as we walked out into the bright early afternoon.

I couldn't sit still in class with and let my thoughts run wild with the possibility that my parents might be looking for me.

I wasn't even know if there was something to worry about yet.

"Let's go and find some trouble," Ryan winked down at me as he guided us through the homecoming fiascos on the school grounds.

I just hoped Joe didn't notice my absence in class.

But I already knew that was wishful thinking on my part.

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Joseph POV

"Fucking hate homecoming week." Dean grumbled from his desk as he shoving a few files in the dress drawer and slamming it shut.

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