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Robin POV

I took a sip from my water bottle as I sat on the vine covered bench at the schools gazebo. The campus was busier than usual as homecoming week was in full effect and I had decided to sit out here while I waited for Joe's class to start. 

The large pine trees and small bushes around the old wooden gazebo gave me the seclusion I needed from the pandemonium a few yards away from me.

The leaves rustled around me as the wind picked up a bit. The comforting silence relaxed me as I was still glowing from last nights date with Joe.

"You ready for a swim babygirl?" Joe asked me letting go of my hand and stood in front of me.

We had been walking on the beach for what seemed like hours and it was pretty dark out as I couldn't hear the seagulls anymore. I enjoyed the feeling of the sand in between my toes as we both held our shoes going barefoot on the cool sand.

"W-What?! N-No!" I panicked looking at the waves crashing in the sand right next to us as we were pretty close to the water.

"Why not?" He smirked mischievously as he started to unbutton his shirt, his beautiful grey eyes never leaving mine.

"D-Didn't you say we weren't allowed in the ocean past 7?" I asked holding my arms together as the night breeze made the hairs on my skin stand at attention.

"That never stopped us baby girl," he responded  taking off his shirt and the sight of his bare chest glistened before me sending shivers down my spine.

My heart raced as I looked at the amazing chest piece of his tattoo as I had only seen it a few times. His toned body slightly flexed as he tossed his shirt behind him.

The moon shined bright above us and it was the only source of light we had as it reflected beautifully off the oceans surface.

"J-Joe I c-can't swim," I struggled to speak as I was still reluctant to go into the ocean.

"We won't go too deep. I'll keep you close," he tried to assure me but I had my own personal reasons of not wanting to go into the water. My scars hadn't fully healed on my back yet and I wasn't ready for him to ask questions.

"I-I don't even have a bathing suit! What if there are sharks in there or something?! What if the waves take us awa-," I rambled nervously before Joe's warm lips were pressed against mine as he instantly shut me up. His lips commanded my attention as I let him kiss my nerves away.

"You're over thinking this babygirl." He told me as his lips lingered against mine.

"It's just me and you right now baby," he kissed me again as I felt my nerves melt away as lust took over as I wanted to be here in this spontaneous moment with him.

"I'm not gonna lie, the water is gonna be cold. But you'll get used to it after a few minutes. It's dark and nobody can see us from the boardwalk. Even though I'm pretty sure everyone left hours ago. And if we're not alone, why not give them a little show?" He winked as kissed my cheek once more.

He was right.

There was nobody here and it was dark enough to hide my scars as I could barely see the details of his tattoo unless he was close enough.

"I'll do it if you promise not to look," I told him finally giving in.

"Only if you promise not to look when I'm taking of my pants," he winked at me before turning his back to me and unzipped his pants. I blushed furiously as I turned around to takes off my jacket and dress.

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