Cool Vibrations

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Joseph POV

I knocked on Robin's apartment door holding a bouquet of white roses in my sweaty palms.

To say I was nervous was an understatement.

She opened the door a few moments later, standing at her doorway looking gorgeous as ever.

"Damn," I whispered to myself as I felt my heart race eyeing her up and down lustfully as her dark brown curls fell to her shoulders and not in her usual ponytail. She wore a floral dress that went down to her knees and the leather jacket she wore the night I found her at the strip club.

"Hey Joe," she smiled softly looking up at me.

"You look amazing Robin," I complimented her as she let me into her apartment. "These are for you," I handed her the roses earning a blush from her freckled brown cheeks making my heart race faster than it had before.

"These are beautiful Joe," she smiled smelling the roses. "Thank you," she looked at me nervously before leaning up to kiss me on my cheek.

That was the first time she had initiated a kiss.

Even though it was on my cheek, I could sense she was becoming more comfortable around me.

"I'm gonna go put these in water," She stammered nervously before heading towards the kitchen. "They aren't as beautiful as you baby girl," I told her as I couldn't help but stare at her figure from behind as I followed her.

I watched as she avoided looking my way as she put water in a vase. I couldn't help but smile at her as she tried to hide her blushing from me as she nervously moved around the kitchen.

Leaning against the counter behind her, I watched her put the flowers in the vase before turning around to face me.

"You look really handsome," she said softly as I could tell she was a bit nervous. Her brown eyes twinkled with a yearning and I found myself being pulled to her. I stepped in front of her as the kitchen was already small not leaving much space between us.

"You're not getting shy on me again are you?" I asked tucking a piece of her kinky brown curls behind her ear. Her breathing slowed as I caressed her jawline with one finger as I watched her bite her bottom lip making my senses go wild.

I loved how my presence had an effect on her.

"No," she whispered shaking her head a bit as I had her locked in my trance.

"Good," I spoke before grabbing her waist firmly against me and kissed her passionately.




Robin POV

We were kissing like our lives depended on it as he had me pinned against the cold fridge door.

His tongue slipped inside my mouth gently but demanding as I could tasting his minty breath. My heart raced rapidly against my chest as I melted into Joe's strong arms feeling nothing but pure bliss. My fingers gripped his hair pulling him closer to me earning a deep sexy growl from him as he pulled away from the kiss suddenly.

"I-I I uh d-didn't mean t-to p-pull too hard," I panted slightly out of breath as the look on his face didn't seem too phased my my actions.

"It's not that baby girl. We just have to stop before I lose control and take you right here right now," He said huskily as he caressed my bottom lip as his other hand still gripped my butt slightly squeezing it hard. I buried my face in his chest as it rose up and down hiding my blush from his face.

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