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Robin POV

"Thank the lord it's Friday!! I can finally sleep in this weekend," Alicia sighed heavily next to me as she leaned back in her chair.

"Sleep does sound good," I agreed as I finished up next weeks checklist. The sun would set soon but it was still pretty hot outside. Teams practiced outside as all I could hear was the sounds of students playing sports.

"There's a party tonight and I think I'm gonna make my move on Ryan there," she said excitedly as I watched her eye him on the field. She seemed to be friendlier since our conversation yesterday. I'm just relieved there wasn't as much tension between us.

"Well I hope it works out for you," I told her wishing her luck. I could tell she really liked him by the way she stared at him most of practice.

"Do you want to come?" She asked.

"I'm not really in a party mood. I just want to get some work done and sleep," I declined her invitation shaking my head. I needed to make sure I maintained my good grades so I had to be ahead on all my school work.

"Ugh come on Robin. Why not?" She pouted.

"Probably because last time I went out with you we got into heaps of trouble and almost got fired. I'm not looking forward to that again," I shook my head cringing at the memory of Joe finding me drunk on the dance floor. Even though the night ended well, I was embarrassed that he had seen me in that state. It was like I had no control over my actions.

"Well that was unexpected. How were we supposed to know that we would get caught," she shrugged putting her clip board down on the table sitting up in her seat. "Besides this is college. If it's a good party, most likely some shit is gonna go down. Live a little," she spoke trying to persuade me.

"I'll think about going to the next party," I reluctantly caved in not completely wanting to go.

"Yeah?" Alicia looked at me raising her eyebrows.

"Y-yeah. I mean why not?" I answered back. I mean since me and Joe are supposed to be laying low at school, why not blend in with the college crowd a bit? I was still weary about big crowds and being social with people but my job doesn't really allow me to be an introvert.

Maybe being with Joe has calmed my social anxiety a bit.

I guess college parties are the best parties to blend in with the crowd. I felt bit more comfortable in crowds once I realized not everyone was staring at me. And if Stacey was watching me and I acted like a college student and stuck with my peers then she would be less suspicious of me.

"Awesome! And you can't back out from this either." Alicia squealed excitedly clapping her hands. "There's gonna be hella parties next week."

"Because of Homecoming? People are really hyped about it huh?" I stated as I had heard about it all week nonstop. From the amount of work Coach Ambrose piled on me and Alicia in preparation for next week has me a bit stressed for the busy week.

"Are you kidding? It's gonna be epic. We're probably gonna be running all over campus with all the stuff the Coaches have us doing but it's gonna be fun to roll with the guys for a week. Feel special with our unlimited access to all the good stuff. I'm gonna go shopping for the homecoming dance on Saturday. You should come," Alicia invited.

"I guess I do have to go to that," I said softly staring at the draft copy of the homecoming activities that were mandatory for the football team and staff.

"Yup, Can't escape from this either. And I doubt you have a gown lying around in your closet. Do you?" She asked looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

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