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Pen Your Pride


"Should we wake her?" Edward whispered in my ear softly, we were leaning over our daughters bed, it was 9 am and we really needed to be getting on the road,  

"No, she's had a rough night, let her sleep" I sighed, it was true, Nessie had woken up 3 times in the night, either crying or startled, she was clearly troubled by everything that's going on, if she wasn't tired she'd have woken up by herself, "you carry her out to the car, I'll pack her some clothes and stuff and meet you all out there in 5 minutes"  

"Sure" Edward smiled gently bending down and lifting our baby into his arms, whilst I whipped around the room collecting clothes, make-up and other necessities for our trip. We didn't know how long we'd be gone, so I had to make sure we had enough, luckily Alice had restocked Nessie's closet last week so she had plenty of new, clean clothes to take, I found her holdall in the closet and filled it with her belongings. The last thing I packed was her cuddly toy wolf, Jacob had bought it for her as a baby, and she still slept with it on her pillow. I grabbed Nessie's handbag off the vanity, and her cell phone off the bed side cabinet and whizzed back downstairs just in time to see Edward closing the rear door of the Volvo. I smiled to myself as I looked through the window and saw Renesmee still sleeping soundly in the back seat with a patch-work quilt draped over her, probably put there by Esme.

"You look after yourselves" Esme began, she hated it whenever any of us were away from home, "And please give my well wishes to the Blacks" she smiled  

"Don't worry Mom" Edward grinned "We will" he bent down and kissed her on the cheek, before making his way to stand next to me and holding me tight against his body, he leant down and kissed my hair. Carlisle and Esme were having a private moment and the other's had already gone off to school.  

"I'll sit in the back with Ness" I smiled sweetly, glancing over again at our sleeping daughter,  

"If you're sure love" Edward said, throwing me my favourite crooked smile, "I'm certain Carlisle won't mind riding up back!"  

"I want to be near her" I insisted, kissing Edward firmly before walking around to the other side of the car and getting in. I nestled up to my little girl and pulled her over so she was leaning across my lap. I wanted to keep my baby as close to me for as long as possible. I was still stroking her face when Edward and Carlisle finally got back in the car.  

"Everything OK back there?" Carlisle asked  

"Fine thanks Carlisle, just making sure she's comfy, I didn't want her to put her back out"  

"Ah yes, I'd forgotten what sleeping awkwardly can do to your posture" he smiled.

We'd been driving for an hour when Renesmee finally woke up,  

"Good morning sweetheart" I greeted her "How are you feeling?"  

"I'm not sure, where are we?"  

"On our way to Forks sweetheart, we've still got a few more hour's to go, if you want to go back to sleep?"  

"Actually Mom, there's something I want to talk to you about, Can you shield me?" before I had a chance to answer her though Edward looked back quickly and interrupted,  

"Keeping secrets from me now?" he scoffed  

"Sorry Dad, Girls stuff!" she giggled before turning back to me "Mom?"  

"Of course I'll shield you sweetheart" I mumbled, stretching my shield over the both of us, "Now, what did you want to tell me?"  

Nessie placed her hand on my cheek, and smiled grimly,  

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