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It was around midnight when I woke up still attached to Jaspers figure, his hands still rubbing up and down my back as my playlist played in the backround.

I looked at him before sitting up and streching causing him to let me go. I felt so sweaty and gross it wasn't even funny, I kicked off the comforter, and got up to turn on the AC.

"Is it really that hot?" Jasper asked as I ripped my sweater off of my body leaving me in my matching, dusty pink lace set.

"Boiling." I responded as I threw a very baggy grey T-shirt over my body, covering myself. I went to sit next to him but ended being pulled completely on top of him, his hands pulling my thighs to the sides of his hips.

"Thank you." I sighed, smiling against the coolness of his skin.

"No problem ma'am. Are you happy tommorow will be first graduation?" He asked allowing his hands to rest around my neck, cooling it down.

"I don't know, I'm excited but I'm nervous." I answered, as I looked up and pressed a kiss to his sharp as fuck jawline.

"Everything will be fine, I'll be there with you." He stated his hands going to rub and down my back.

"Good." I sighed into his chest, just as Jasper's phone rang.

He got up and opened it before putting it to his ear, "Hello Alice.. a nomad? Where?"

He was on the phone for a while, before finally coming back to lay in the bed with me.

"There is a nomad in forks, Alice thinks it's James mate that sent Laurent to kill you and Bella." Jasper exclaimed nervously, his hands coming up to tug through his hair. I stood there thanking for a minute while fear sparked through my body.

"I won't let anything happen to you, they will be gone before they get within a mile of you. Nothing will hurt you darlin." He promised, his hands grabbing my own while he sat across from me.

"..it's not me I'm worried about Jasper, I'm worried about you. Please be careful." I responded, looking up to see his easy, gold eyes.

"I swear on everything, we will be okay." Jasper stated, before pecking my lips.

I decided a peck wasn't enough, pulling his face back to mine and kissing him roughly. His hands went down to my hips before pulling me into his lap.

My hands went to his chest, running up to his neck, to his locks, tugging on them as the kiss got rougher. His hands grew tight around my hips as he pulled me down to where I was grinding on him.

He moaned out, bucking his hips before his hands pushed my shoulders down, flipping over so he was on top. His hands were in my hair, as his clothed erection grinded itself against my lace panties.

"One more day Jasper." I moaned out into the kiss trying to separate from him, knowing he didn't want to jump into this.

".. One more day." He repeated what I said after he broke the kiss with his forehead rested against mine.

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