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Sydney's POV:

After I got out of bed I walked to the bathroom and like he said there was a black blink-182 shirt on the counter.

I stripped out of my clothes and put the shirt on. I looked in the mirror and took a deep breath trying to steady my breathing. I washed my face and dried it with a towel and walked out.

He still wasn't is the room so i walked to the dressing table and brushed my hair and put it in a high pony tail and looked at my reflection, sighing i looked down.

A few seconds later the door opened and Michael walked in. His eyes glued to his phone. I rolled my eyes as he sat down in the bed and then lied down with his legs dangling down, still typing away on his phone. I crossed my arms and leaned back on the dressing table looking at him.
"Take a picture princess, it'll last longer"
He said after about a minute or so, I sighed quietly and rolled my eyes.
"Saw that"
He said still looking at his phone.
I mumbled to myself
"Heard that"
He said putting his phone down and getting up
"You know you shouldn't act like that,
I'll let you go only if I get what I want"
He said walking towards me.
"And what do you want?"
I asked sassily, he just chuckled to himself and pressed me against the table and pressed himself against me with his hands on my hips. I looked up at him cause he was at least 6ft 2 or something and I was just too short for him.
"you baby girl, I want you, no wait... I need you"
He said looking me dead in the eyes
"W-well here I am, I'm with y-you, now let m-me go''
I said, stuttering, he let out a low chuckle and shook his head
"Not like that princess, I wanna be able to call you mine, I wanna be able to cuddle you, I wanna be able to kiss you whenever I want, I wanna be able to fuck your brains out, I wanna be able to protect you from everything and everyone, I wanna hear you tell me you love me, I wanna be able to kill anyone who hurts you, why don't you understand? I love you! I'm fucking mad about you! you're making me crazy! Why can't you just love me!!??"
He screamed pulling at his hair in frustration.
"Michael you're a stranger to me, even worse you kidnapped me and I'm still
creeped out by how much you know about me, I don't know you, you've taken me away from my family, I can't even think about liking you"
I replied, surprisingly calm and collected
"So you hate me!? You hate me for my feeling towards you!? That's not fair at all! You can't hate me for loving you!"
He yelled looking at me dead in the eye
"why don't you understand Michael? It's not just that, I feel very special and nice to know that you care about me but there's so much more to it, I had a life, and you took it away, my parents don't even know if they'll get their only daughter back, hell I don't even know if I'll see them again or not, why don't you understand that?"
I tried my best not you burst into tears and scream while saying all that
"Why are you so good at making points!?"
He screamed in frustration
"I love you that's why I brought you here"
He yelled once again
"You have a weird way of showing your feelings then!'
I finally couldn't stay calm
"Just give me a fucking cha-"
He was cut off my the door bell, he glared at me one last time and stormed away while I stood there frozen.

"Sydney! Come down!"
I heard him yell. I slowly walked down stairs trying to pull the shirt down as it was very short. very short. It only came till my upper thigh.
The kitchen area was empty so i walked to the living room and found him sitting on the couch, I slowly made my way towards him, there was pizza on the low height table and he was watching some show I didn't know of on the tv. I stood beside him not saying anything.
"Get me two slices"
He ordered and I rolled my eyes
"Get it yourself, it right in front of you"
I shot back.
"I said, get me two slices"
He repeated through gritted teeth.
I again rolled my eyes
"But it's right in front of you"
I pointed out, again
"two slices"
He said again and I knew he won't repeat himself again so I just walled to the table right in front of him and bent down and grabbed his fucking pizza slices. When I turned around to hand him the plate he was biting his lip with a smirk on his face, I knit my eyebrows in confusion but still extended my arm to hand him his plate.
"One more"
He said calmly with that fucking smirk plastered on his damned face! I took a deep breath clearly annoyed and turned back around and got him another slice and extended my arm again for him to take the plate
"One more please"
He said sweetly
"Why don't you eat out of the box?"
I asked sassily as I turned around to get him his slice
"How will I be able to see your pretty little ass that way?"
He said I could just hear the smirk in his voice. I gasped quickly stood up straight and turned around put the plate next to him
I said before I started walking back upstairs, I heard him chuckle from the living room but chose to ignore it and ran back to the room or prison cell you could call it and slammed the door shut.

I don't know why this chapter exists

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