62. I have seen magic

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Jennie and Lora watched him as he retreated into his room_while they both pondered on what this special clue he was talking about could be.

They glared at each other without saying a word even though they both had something to say_many things to say actually.

Jennie cleared her throat and looked into the distance her mind was in great turmoil. She was trying not to think about Josh but no matter how much she tried her mind always went back to him.

Lora simply took a sip of her wine while she waited for Dante.

They both felt very uncomfortable staying without the presence of Dante since they were not exactly the best of friends and were not in talking terms as of now_ luckily for them Dante came back almost immediately before the tension could drown them.

He was with a gun when he returned. The gun was safely sealed meaning that it was evidence.

Their eyes followed his hands and then moved to his face as they both glared at him with questioning stares.

His face remained blank even as they stared.

He sat down on the stool he had been sitting on before he left_then he watched them both, intently, before started speaking.

"This is Gloria's gun. I gave it to her on her 18th birthday. The Investigator employed by her boss Michael handed this over to me this morning he has given up on the case. He said that the police found the gun lying on the floor." He paused then to take a sip of his wine and Jennie did the same.

Their eyes met but they immediately averted their gazes from each other. Jennie swallowed, she felt a pang of guilt in her heart. She didn't know why exactly she was feeling guilty, if it was for kissing Dante therein betraying Josh or because she wanted to do it again.

However, Dante was interested in one thing only. Finding his daughter whom he had just known was missing.

"The gun was empty of bullets, the bullets were scattered in the room. This only means that she did shoot her assailant who by some miracle did not get affected by it. The investigator is of the opinion that one man kidnapped Gloria. But I know my daughter, one man cannot taker her on. You both know her too. Except he is not human, I don't think he can take her on especially if she was with a gun. So it is either the rumors in ocean city are true or this is a planned attack."

"Now the question is. Is it possible for Gloria's assailant to be inhuman and if he is how do we find someone who isn't human."

Dante bit his lips. He was so confused by everything. His heart started to beat fast again a regular occurrence now_since he found out that his daughter was missing. She just had to be safe, he thought. She is all he has.

Jennie knew just how they could find someone who wasn't human. She had done it before but she didn't know if Dante would be ready to do what she did.

Her heart raced. She had to make a decision to tell or not to tell. What if she told and they started to doubt her sanity. But it seemed to her that Dante was already giving in to the strange fact that supernaturals did exist. She felt like she should take her chances.

Dante waved the gun in front of them. "She has been taken yes, but by who and why. The investigator thinks that Michael had exhausted every possible means to finding her, but has he? I don't want to believe that he has."

"I do agree with you it could only take a supernatural creature to be able to take Gloria away if it was a one man something as the police think, but last I checked they did not exist. I mean the supernaturals. But then I won't be surprised if they did. Things don't surprise me anymore not after all the things I have seen happen in this room" Lora said.

Jennie and Dante looked at her knowing what she was referring to.
Dante gulped down the content of his glass, it was sad that he had to work with women. They were too petty, always mixing business with emotions but he had to choice in the matter. The General would not help and everyone has given up on Gloria except the people now present in this room.

Lora began to pace around the room searching for clues. "Who will want to take her and why? Even if we find them how are we sure that they would take us to her?" For Lora everything was a puzzle

"The most important question isn't who will want to taker her or why. The most important question is where is she? We need to find out where she is and right now no one has any clue. I called this morning to check up on Michael but his secretary had told me he was not around. He was my best bet. Maybe he too has given up."

"We have to know who took her and why before we can know where to find her?" Lora disagreed.

"No! we can find her without knowing that." Jennie cut in. She had made her choice. Finding her friend Gloria was now more important to her than what they would think of her.

"I know someone who knows someone that could help us. Just that I don't know if you would agree with the method used Dante."

"I don't mind. I want to find my daughter by any means necessary."

"Even if it means going to a haunted house? Even if it means going against all you have ever believed in?" Jennie asked, raising her brows.

Dante and Lora both turned to stare at her. What could Jennie possibly know that they didn't? They thought.

"So where do I find this haunted house?" Dante replied. He wasn't joking at all when he said that he could do anything to get his daughter back.

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