-Joes's pov-

joe walked into his room after taking a hot shower, he then noticed his younger sister by 2 years was in his room just wandering

"Demi?" he asked "that's my name" his little sister said still looking on his shelves "what are you doing?" he asked "Joe you have a lot of pornos...that's weird." she said not answering his question. His eyes widened.

She went to grab one right before he slapped her hand." Dems don't touch them" he said giving her an annoyed look.

Demi put her hands up in defense "gosh chill out dude, didn't mean to almost touch your prized possessions" "they aren't my prized possessions" Joe said with his cheeks getting warm "ohh right everyone I know just put porn on shelves and dust them every day and.." looks at his porn collection "puts the thing in alphabetical order" demi said with a fake smile and rolls her eyes

"shut up, what are you in my room for?" Joe said repeating his question "I'm bored." Demi said simply "wtf! Get out" Joe said "no I'm bored" she said again "go in nicks room!" he said getting annoyed "I did" she said looking in his playboy magazines'

"when?" he said snatching the magazines'. Demi gave him a rude look "please don't snatch" she said as if it was her stuff "I went in there before you took a shower. He has weird stuff in that room" she grabbed the magazine and opened it.

"demi why are invading my privacy" he asked "because I very much enjoy it" she said still looking at his magazines" Joe do you jag off to these...cuz that would totally creep me out." "Yes, yes I do" he said smirking.

-End of pov-

Demi-ew!*throws it at him*

Joe- ouch!


Joe- get out

Demi-nah...Joe I'm bored entertain me *smiles*

Joe-how are you still bored? You just invaded all my stuff?

Demi-because, all there is to this room is a bed, pornos, condoms, playboy magazines, and a laptop, a TV and I'm bored

Joe-wow, demi I have never noticed how weird you are *smiles*

Demi-thanks*smiles back*

Joe-*rolls eyes*

Demi-*flops on his bed*Joe I have a problem.

Joe-I know

Demi-Joe I'm serious

Joe-fine what is it?

Demi-you know my boyfriend sterling?




Demi-he wants to take me on a date tomorrow.


Demi-what if he tries to kiss me or something?

Joe-...hm...Oh ill cut off his penis

Demi-...EW. Totally off topic but what would you do with it? Like keep it in a jar?

Joe-....don't ask that

Demi-back to topic, Joe I'm serious

Joe-well...i don't know kiss him...

Demi-that's my problem! *gets uncomfortable* I never kissed anyone

Joe-*smiles* good, then I'm doing my job as a bigger brother

Demi-*frowns*I'm not kidding what if he like tries to kiss me and then it gets all weird...

Joe-well, watcha want me to do?

Demi-*frowns* oh I know! *smiles* you could teach me!

Joe-what? No.

Demi-*frowns* why?

Joe-you're my sister, that's weird

Demi-I don't find it weird, Your' supposed to help me with things

Joe-*scrunches his nose* isn't that what your "girlfriends" like Miley or selena is for?

Demi-ew no they're my friends not my kissing buddies!

Joe-well what would that make me*crosses his arms*

Demi-the best brother ever?*smiles cutely*



Joe-no, go ask nick or something.



Demi-Joe you're confusing me.

Joe-I was kidding don't ask nick he is weird

Nick-*pops out of nowhere* I heard that. And demi, if you and your hot friend selena do make out. Film it.

Joe-dude. That's your sister, gross.

Nick-yeah but selena isn't

Demi-.....i m going to get selena to get a restraining order on you.

Nick-oh demi, demi, demi. Women love me so will sexy seducing selena

Demi-no, nick. Selena will not like you. Or in other words she will never like nasty nagging nick *smiles*

Nick-*narrows his eyes* well played.*leaves*

Joe- *furrows eyebrow*

Demi-so will you teach me?


Demi-*frowns* fine I'll go ask that guy your friends with.

Joe-what "guy"?

Demi-umm that hot guy umm....oh zac! Zac efron!

Joe-*gets stops* If I find out you do, you're in some deep shit

Demi-well joseph, you wouldn't know if I did or didn't because I could just tell him not to tell. *smiles and tries to leave*

Joe-*grabs her arm*finnee you brat


Joe-*closes his door* now, put your arms around my neck, your gay boyfriend will put his hands on your waist, now I would do it but my towel would fall.

Demi-my awesome boyfriend isn't gay, I think you want him to be so you can get him.*says matter-of-fact like*

Joe-*rolls his eyes* shush I didn't say talk*smiles when she rolls her eyes*. Now when he kisses you just move your lips*leans down toward her then pauses*


Joe-I can't kiss you when your eyes are all open and wide, you look like an owl!

Demi-but that's how my eyes are*frowns* and I would rather look like an owl than a dog

Joe-I said shushes! And I meant close your eyes, your fag boy would be creeped that you're watching him while kissing.

Demi-*smiles than closes her eyes*oh!

Joe-*kisses her slowly. Then pulls back* there.

Demi-*scrunches her nose* that's it? I was worried for that? Wow I thought kissing was going to feel...Better, or you suck at kissing*smiles*

Joe-I do not suck at kissing! Just ask all the girls at our school.

Demi-all the girls at our school are desperate or nerds. Hopefully sterling is better at kiss-*cut off by Joe mushing his face on hers*

Joe-there how was that?*smirked*

Demi-that was better but did you have to put your tongue all up in my mo-*gasps and covers her eyes*

Joe-what's wrong? Did I hurt you? Are you okay?*checking her face*

Demi-your towel dropped...

Joe-*eyes widen*oh.*picks it up*

Demi-*still covering her eyes*I'm leaving now, thanks for helping Me.*leaves*

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