-Joes's pov-

joe walked into his room after taking a hot shower, he then noticed his younger sister by 2 years was in his room just wandering

"Demi?" he asked "that's my name" his little sister said still looking on his shelves "what are you doing?" he asked "Joe you have a lot of pornos...that's weird." she said not answering his question. His eyes widened.

She went to grab one right before he slapped her hand." Dems don't touch them" he said giving her an annoyed look.

Demi put her hands up in defense "gosh chill out dude, didn't mean to almost touch your prized possessions" "they aren't my prized possessions" Joe said with his cheeks getting warm "ohh right everyone I know just put porn on shelves and dust them every day and.." looks at his porn collection "puts the thing in alphabetical order" demi said with a fake smile and rolls her eyes

"shut up, what are you in my room for?" Joe said repeating his question "I'm bored." Demi said simply "wtf! Get out" Joe said "no I'm bored" she said again "go in nicks room!" he said getting annoyed "I did" she said looking in his playboy magazines'

"when?" he said snatching the magazines'. Demi gave him a rude look "please don't snatch" she said as if it was her stuff "I went in there before you took a shower. He has weird stuff in that room" she grabbed the magazine and opened it.

"demi why are invading my privacy" he asked "because I very much enjoy it" she said still looking at his magazines" Joe do you jag off to these...cuz that would totally creep me out." "Yes, yes I do" he said smirking.

-End of pov-

Demi-ew!*throws it at him*

Joe- ouch!


Joe- get out

Demi-nah...Joe I'm bored entertain me *smiles*

Joe-how are you still bored? You just invaded all my stuff?

Demi-because, all there is to this room is a bed, pornos, condoms, playboy magazines, and a laptop, a TV and I'm bored

Joe-wow, demi I have never noticed how weird you are *smiles*

Demi-thanks*smiles back*

Joe-*rolls eyes*

Demi-*flops on his bed*Joe I have a problem.

Joe-I know

Demi-Joe I'm serious

Joe-fine what is it?

Demi-you know my boyfriend sterling?




Demi-he wants to take me on a date tomorrow.


Demi-what if he tries to kiss me or something?

Joe-...hm...Oh ill cut off his penis

Demi-...EW. Totally off topic but what would you do with it? Like keep it in a jar?

Joe-....don't ask that

Demi-back to topic, Joe I'm serious

Joe-well...i don't know kiss him...

Demi-that's my problem! *gets uncomfortable* I never kissed anyone

Joe-*smiles* good, then I'm doing my job as a bigger brother