Chapter Twenty Two

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"Who's ask-?"
I couldn't tear my gaze off the mini Blayze who was standing on our decking, but I could now feel My Blayze at my back.
"Great Lukas!"
Luka crowed.
The dear little Toddler had no clue what was going on.
More than one pair of eyes turned past Me to look at Blayze and our Son.
Mini Blayze whispered, his blue green eyes widening.
"What the hell's going on?!"
I asked, completely bewildered.
"This Lad was trying to hitch a ride to find Blayze."
Senior Constable Davis explained, hooking a thumb in the Teenager's direction.
"His Student ID says he's 'Blayze Riley Madden'."
Uncle Lukas explained, shifting on his feet.
Blayze Riley-?
Things were getting even more weird, not explained!
"I know that you don't know who I am."
Mini Blayze explained, dropping his gaze to the toes of his black, white and electric blue sand shoes.
I peeled my eyes off the Teenager, twisting around to address Blayze.
"What the heck's going on?"
I questioned, my throat rapidly becoming thick.
"I don't know."
My Fiancé replied, his gaze locked on his Junior Mirror Image.
"It's not safe for Kid's to hitchhike."
Senior Constable Davis declared.
"And because he name dropped you, Blayze, I thought I'd better bring him out here."
It's not safe for anybody to hitchhike!
"How about... we all come inside?"
I suggested, taking a step back to free up some room in the doorway.
I prompted.
Mini Blayze's gaze snapped up from the floor.
My Blayze shook his head and took two steps back, Luka still propped at his side.
Uncle Lukas gestured Mini Blayze and Senior Constable Davis in first.

I grabbed Blayze's arm and towed him towards the kitchen, my heart hammering inside my chest.
Once we were a little away from the surprise guests, I turned around to face him.
I opened my mouth to speak, but Blayze beat Me to it.
"I told you I saw my Teenage Self!"
He whispered, his beautiful eyes widening.
He did say that a few days ago.
"What the hell's going on?"
I hissed, shooting a quick glance towards where Uncle Lukas was patting Zeus who was eyeing our uninvited guests wearily, but not aggressively.
"He's not my Kid if that's where you're trynna go."
I snapped my gaze up to Blayze's face.
"My first thought is definitely He has to be related to you!"
I hissed, wrapping my arms around my torso.
"But he'd have to be like fifteen, sixteen years old! That would mean..."
I tried to make my frazzled brain do the maths.
Blayze shook his head.
"It makes it impossible. I would've had to be eleven, twelve at most. I didn't get started until I was fourteen."
I risked a glance towards our guests, then turned back to Blayze.
"Then who the hell is he?"
I whispered, trying to not let the other's hear Me.
He shook his head, clenching his jaw tight.
"I don't know."
Uncle Lukas prompted.
Releasing a tense breath, Blayze turned around to head to the lounge room.
I wanted to put the kettle on, yet I didn't want to miss any of this situation.
Biting into my lower lip, I followed after Blayze and Luka.
"I think we can all see this Lad's gotta be related to ya."
Uncle Lukas explained, slowly straightening from patting Zeus.
"Ya think maybe we should give him a chance to explain himself?"
Explain himself...
I seriously thought I might at any moment be sick.
All gazes turned towards the youngest person in the room aside from Luka.
The poor Kid looked like a Roo caught in a Ute's spotlights.
He stood frozen on his spot, literally going at least two shades paler right in front of our eyes.
"M-maybe we sh-should give Blayze and umm... Blayze some space?"
I suggested, glancing towards Uncle Lukas and Senior Constable Davis.
I didn't want to miss any of this, yet I had no clue if I could even handle hearing what would happen.
But I felt for the Kid.
He must be crapping his pants, with three grown men and a strange lady staring at him, waiting.
Not that I'm that much older than He is...
Uncle Lukas nodded slowly.
My Blayze's gaze snapped my way, his blue-green eyes widening.
"Umm I... I guess..."
Senior Constable Davis seemed reluctant.
What did he think a fifteen, maybe sixteen year old could be capable of?
"I'll umm... p-put the kettle on."
I finally managed.
Uncle Lukas nodded.
"Luk can you take Luka and make coffee?"
Blayze asked, adjusting our Son in his arm's.
Didn't I just say I'd make coffee?
I frowned at Blayze, unsure what he was up to.
Uncle Lukas agreed.
"Me, Bali's and... Junior..."
Blayze nodded to his Mini Me.
"Can go outside and talk."
The poor Teen visibly swallowed.
I turned wide eyed to Blayze.
Why does he want Me in on this?
"Probably a good idea."
Uncle Lukas agreed, crossing over to take Luka from Blayze.
"Great Lukas!"
Luka crowed, stretching his arms towards my Uncle.
"Hey Mate."
Uncle Lukas greeted him, his smile warm as he slipped his hands under Luka's armpits.

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