The only chapter

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It's just a game, I remind myself while I put the gun against my head. Yeah, a game with a bullet. I shouldn't think about that fact, I can't let the people in this room see that I'm afraid. I take a deep breath as calmly as I can. I close my eyes and pull the trigger. Nothing happens. I open my eyes and see four pairs of eyes look worried in my direction. Not worried about me, of course not. They're worried about that the bullet will hit them. I give the gun to the girl left to me, she takes it with her left hand. Her green eyes look scared at the gun, but she takes a deep breath and places it against the left side of her head. The girl closes her eyes and pulls the trigger. A loud bang fills the basement. I look at the girl next to me. Her eyes are still closed when she falls to the ground. Blood streams out of the right side of her head, where it mangels with her red hear. Suddenly I feel a slight pain on the left side of my head. I reach the place with my hand. When I touch it, it hurts even more. I pull my hand back and see that it's covered in blood. Before I fall to the ground I'm still able to say something. "What a fun game to play."

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