59. And so he tells her.

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"My father spoke back to Zeus and to punish him he took me away from him and cast be here to only return after my death. For years all I wished for was to die but he hid the dagger of the sun far away to only be found by a great warlock. But for centuries there was no one warlock who dared to find it. No one warlock who dared to wield it. Until a year ago."

"So you are a god. Is there no way you can see your family other than this, your death." She asked thoughtfully. She raised up her head so she could meet his eyes. He was again lost in thought and sad. She managed a strain smile her lips curving upwards.

"There is no other way. Zeus knew what he was doing that's why he has brought you to me after all these years to stop me from giving up myself when she comes. He wanted to give me a reason to stay on this earth. He wanted to strike a hard bargain, earth and Neptune, love and family. And now I have my people I cannot just leave them and you."

"Family always comes first Lucius." Monica said. Her lips were getting too dry and she licked them resting back on his chest. "Family should always come first. I don't think any one else will love us more."

"You are family to me now." He smiled, pulling her up by the waist so her eyes could meet his. "You are my family now and I love you."

"But you also want to meet them don't you. Your real family. What if you find a way to have all three, your family, your people and your love or at least two?"

"I don't think mother earth would be that merciful and kind to me but if there be a way, I would take it with the finest smile ever. I do want to see them, my family, my people, my home."

"You should. If I had a chance to I'll." She sighed. She closed her eyes as he kissed her forehead bringing her close to him.

" I did know that you were a god, or least I suspected. I've seen a lot of pretty humans yours was not human." He snivelled and shook his head like she said something inappropriate.

"So I'm pretty, never have I been told such." He smiled. She smiled back at him her head resting on her arms as she looked up at him using her left hand to caress the stubbles on his face. She loved how they gave him a kind of rugged look.

"Actually you know, there is no word in the dictionary that can do justice to your beauty, My love. And I will know since I'm a writer and we do have a vast knowledge of words."

"Neither does any do justice to yours. My love, my soul." He pulled her cheeks forcing her to smile.

"My heart." She added smiling naughtily. He chuckled, then smirked knowing exactly what was going on in her mind without even reading it. He was amused and as was she so they looked at each other with a broad smile on their face loving the thought that they could understand one another without having to speak.

That moment was special to them, to Lucius. He had never been as happy as he was now not even when he won all his numerous wars. For the first time he felt alive, truly alive like his heart had been restored. For a long time immortality had been a curse the greatest of them all but now after so long there was finally a reason for him to smile.

He closed his eyes with his left hands when Monica refused to stop staring at him. She was now making faces that made him want to blush and he extremely happy and overwhelmed by it. Monica giggled, he was making her feel special too.

She couldn't yet process everything. In one night so many things happened and her life will never be the same. You know she used to be a firm believer of 'life can throw nothing new your way again' only for life to not just throw her something new but somewhere new.

"There will always be a way to get the things you want. You are king I would like to think that you are braver than the rest."

"Brave and mad."

"Madness is what makes great men Lucius. It's a blessing to be given the gift of madness." He couldn't believe how amused he was, his lips were shaking in his failing attempt to still his laughter.

"Never have I heard someone speak about madness with such approval one would think we were talking about sanity."

"Sometimes the mad ones are more sane." She giggled causing him to laugh out too. He pulled her up the more, her hands were on both sides on the bed and her eyes on his. "You keep staring at my eyes they are just ordinary."Monica whispered.

She bent down to place a light kiss on his eyebrows then on his lips. He wanted more. But She reluctantly removed her lips from his not wanting to go all the way again. When kissed her like he did deeply and passionately she was always so tempted to open up to him forgetting that she was sore.

She laid back on his chest in a successful attempt to get back air to her lungs. Sometimes the one that holds back suffers it more. The feel of her breast on his chest was almost driving him mad with lust but he controlled himself. Wrapping his arms around her he looked up at the ceiling and smiled. Never did he think he could be so happy.

He wanted Monica to know the whole story and the truth of who he is, how he came to be and to accept him regardless. He was a lost god and prince cast away from his people, his home and he had found in her a home.

Should he never find a way back home he was happy that he would have her. She was now his home. He was more than thankful for her understanding.

"For a millennium I was in rage and humans suffered for this. The vampires I created seemed to carry in them that rage like I passed along with my life force fury. But then their fury became more than mine and even I could no longer control them. One morning I woke up and wiped them all out and started all over to build a family without anger and fury. Till now I don't know why I did that. I don't know what gave me the courage. But I became better and have been for three millenniums. I feed and I pass my life force to those who chose. I give them a choice to become like me because everyone does deserve to make that choice for themselves." He said quietly.

"So they all share from your life force?"


"And now I do too." He smiled at this breathed out.

"I wouldn't have it any other way. I have learnt how to control my blood lust Monica, you can trust me."

"I do. I do trust you Lucius more than I have anybody. I find that I'm drawn to you too like my body, my soul, my mind__ I just__I find myself wanting to be around you, with you_ I don't know if I can control it. Is this how it feels to be bound?"

"Do you hate it? He asked. "Do you hate that you are bound to me? Tell me please, be honest."

At that point Monica's heart stopped beating. She could not afford to lose her soulmate not now that she had just found him after all these years of being without him. All the years of pain loneliness and heart ache.

She wished that he could read her mind. If he could he would see that being bound to him was the one thing about her life that was good_the only thing that was good.

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