57. I like this tattoo.

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"I like this tattoo."

Monica's head was resting on his shoulders. She ran her hands through his chest caressing it and drawing circles on each tattoo. Her favourite now was the tattoo of a lion shaped sun. She loved the way it stood out amongst others. It was close to his rib, if she moved her heart a little she could feel his heart was meant to be.

He looked down at her and smiled. "You love all my tattoos." He cuddled her, holding her tight. Her body radiated warmth to his cold skin, he found that he loved to be near her, she made him remember what it was like before.

"That is true but I find that I have a better liking to this one." She agreed smiling back at him. She lifted herself up so her eyes could meet his. "And I love your eyes." She said smiling.

He chuckled. He cupped her neck pulling her down to his lips, "and I love your lips." He smiled, his eyes locked with hers and he looked down at her lips then back to her eyes and then her lips. Monica kissed him softly unable to bear the tension of waiting for him to, she could taste the metallic taste of blood still on his lips. He pulled her to himself moaning as the kiss became deeper.

Monica winced a little when his hands cupped her ass from underneath the bed sheet. She tried to cover it up with a kiss but he quickly pulled her away.

"Are you hurt?" He asked looking into her eyes, concern on his face. Monica tried to kiss him but then he held her back holding her shoulders firmly. "Look at me, stop trying to do what I know you are trying to do." She smirked giving up. She rested her head on his chest pretending to hear his heart beat when it was hers that was beating loud against his chest. Never did she think in her widest imaginations that one could orgasm so many times as she did. But then with pleasure came pain and she didn't know how to tell him that. She was indeed sore more because it was her first time.

She felt like she was working on egg shells. She had no life before and now that she had one she didn't want to lose it because she couldn't endure a little pain. She didn't want him to feel bad or think that he had hurt her and she wasn't able to take the pain. She was human after all in a kingdom of vampires.

If humans thought her weak how much more vampires. She feared that if she told her that she was really hurt then he would think that she wasn't worthy of being his Queen because she couldn't handle pain. Maybe Clara was right, of course she was she thought bitterly, she was weak and useless and not fit to be Queen. The prophecy must have been wrong. But now that she was with Lucius she wished that for best she could at least be his mistress.

"You are not saying anything Monica, tell me what you think because I can't read your mind."

"You can't or you don't want to?" Monica asked looking up at him. She sucked in air watching him watch her so intently was just so breathtaking and so sexy she wanted to kiss him.

"I don't want to." He replied. He pulled away a strand of hair from her face and tugged it behind her ears. "So please tell me, Monica." When he called her name like that her eyes watered in tears. It felt so good to hear him call her like that, no one has ever called her like that, with so much love and so much desire. She wanted to tear her eyes away from him for fear that he would see her weakness but he won't let her. He gently held her chin so her eyes could be on his.

She swallowed hard. "I'm fine."

He didn't believe her but he nodded. He remembered that for the few minutes that he laid down on her chest before they rolled over she had winced once or twice and he had to adjust himself. He was enjoying the feel of her. Her warmth. her rhythmic breathing. Her Bliss. But then her fragile body couldn't take his weight and although she didn't complain, he could feel it.

He traced his hands now on the dried blood on her neck, his hands would never get used to feeling the warmth against her skin. She now resting on his chest her hands continued to circle on his tattoos but she was so quiet.

So lost in thought he was tempted to open up his mind link to her so he could know for sure what she was thinking. She was with him but he felt like she was still so far from him.

He felt guilt pangs scrapping his soul he never intended to hurt her. He was supposed to protect her and not hurt her but it looks like he did the latter and now she won't even tell him how she felt.

He was wondering so much about what she was thinking it hurt so bad. He started to fear that maybe she didn't want any part in his chaotic life, maybe she wanted to leave him. Maybe she hated him, maybe she only made love to him because she was scared of him. She probably thought he would hurt her.

In fear he cuddled her tight cutting all supply of air to her lungs. Monica winced again but didn't try to get away from his grips coupled with the fact that she was no match for him, she loved the cold of his skin a contrast to her warmth.

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