56. I have a clue.

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Jennie immediately adjusted her clothes and sat upright while Dante licked his lips. Their eyes didn't part ways still.

They were both transfixed with each other at that point even with the knock on the door. Their lips wanted to touch again and they could not control the desire.

They shared another quick kiss before Dante ran to open the door. Lora was waiting patiently with her bad slung on her back.

Although Dante was still breathing heavily he maintained a calm demeanor which would have deceived anyone but not Lora.

Lora knew a lot of things.

Lora stepped in immediately Dante opened the door. She had this foul expression on her face which quickly changed to a smirk when she saw Jennie sitting down uncomfortably on the coach.

At first she was angry at Dante for keeping her outside but now, seeing Jennie she understood why. Nothing is hardly kept a secret from Lora.

She shared glances with Dante then she looked at Jennie with a suspicious expression on her face. A suspicious expression mixed with an almost amused face.

"You guys seemed to be bonding quite well before I knocked. I hope i did not interrupt your "tete a tete"?" Lora asked with a mischievous smile. "You know I could go back if you want."

Jennie immediately became pissed and uncomfortable. She shifted on the coach before standing up to face Lora. "Wow isn't the worlds biggest bitch here. How is your fake life going. How many do you have again? I mean you are living so many life's one wouldn't know which to pin point. Please do us the decency of keeping your judgemental ass to yourself Lora!"

"Oh at least I do not betray my friends in the worst possible of ways. You speak as if you're better than I am. Besides who said I was judging you? It's sad that you cannot tell when you're the one judging yourself. I really do feel sorry for you Jennie."

Jennie tried to speak again but Lora shushed her. "But hey let's not get all girly and feisty now. We are here for Gloria. So lets stick to that."

"Well I'm glad you guys have reconciled your differences. So can we get to why we are here." Dante added.

He glared first at a pissed Jennie who was folding her hands angrily, then at an amused Lora. "So girls what do you say we get to it?"

"Sure." Lora said whilst she walked to the bar and poured herself a glass of wine.

"Bitch!" Jennie mumbled under her breath.

"I heard that, common if you've anything to say to me say it to my face don't mutter under your breath like some coward. Oh I forgot you are___"

"Lora that's enough! And you too Jennie. That's enough!" Dante snarled. You both are no longer kids hence this petty fight is unnecessary. Why do you guys do this?! You know what don't answer. Gloria your friend and my daughter has been missing for months and we don't even know if she's alive or dead. We don't even know where to start looking for her and you guys do this? I'm highly disappointed."

After his outburst the room fell quiet. Jennie and Lora realized how petty they were being and kept shut. They all want to the bar and they shared a glass of wine to calm their raging emotions.

"I have a bad feeling about all this. I'm really scared" Jennie blurted out. "I can't even think. I haven't let myself think. The more i try to the more__"

"She's fine. She's going to be fine and we will find her I promise. Gloria is a fighter."Dante said. He was trying his best to reassure Jennie even though in all honesty he was even more afraid than she was. But he had to be the man. Even if his palms were already sweaty as the realization that his daughter was missing and could probably be dead hit him again.

Gloria was his only joy. He could not afford to lose her. He could not.

Dante looked more distraught and tired as he remember something of great importance. Something that could lead him to his daughter.

He had to show it to Jennie or Lora. Maybe one of them will no a better way that Gloria's boss.
"I just remembered. I need to show you both something. Something really important." He said as he stood up.

"Can this something help us find Gloria?" Lora questioned.

"It can show us where to look and how to go about the search. It can make us draw a reasonable inference on who could have kidnapped her." Dante answered.

Without much ado Dante walked into his room in search of this clue. This very important clue.

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