55. Back into ocean City.

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"Dante!" Jennie screamed immediately she saw him. She saw him through the taxi mirror and got out immediately not minding that she was on the road.

Dante was standing in front of his small bungalow waiting for her to arrive.

Pushing the door open she ran into his arms and he embraced her gently, like a father would his daughter, or a long lost lover

"You came. How are you? You look so beautiful now." Dante complimented with a strained smile. He was shivering a little from the cold. His bones were growing old.

"Never as beautiful as Gloria though. Gloria is an absolute Queen!" She blurted out. Realizing what she just said she pressed her lips together.

"But, yeah, I look nice too. Always was your beautiful girl." She laughed awkwardly pulling on the strands of her hair. She plastered her face with a strained smile of hers too.

"Of course. Always was my pretty girl always would be." He smiled and pulled her to him. Jennie kissed his chin as they embraced again.

"OMG!" She exclaimed suddenly, then she started running towards the taxi again. She remembered that she didn't pay the taxi driver. She also stupidly left her box in the taxi.

Dante for the first time that evening laughed heartily. "You're still so forgetful Jennie." He called to her, giggling all the more at her childishness. She didn't change one bit.

"Thank you sir." Jennie said to the taxi driver as she paid him and even added a little more tip than she planned to give him because he was so nice. He helped her bring out her box and took it in.

Dante shook hands with him when he came out, they did their weird manly greeting while Jennie watched amused.

He later waved Jennie goodbye and drove off. While she walked back to Dante. "I've stopped being forgetful I promise." She pouted.

"Mhm mhm"

"Common." Jennie drawled. They both laughed at this. "Lora is on her way." Jennie chipped in.

"Mhm mhm."

They both walked into his home side by side like they used to all those years ago.

He opened the door for Jennie and as she walked in a feeling of nostalgia hit her. She remembered all the times she used to come here to see Gloria during girls night in college. And all the times she came just because she wanted to. And all the lies that was told here and games that were played here.

A sudden grief enveloped her and her heart constricted. She cleared her throat to break the sudden awkward silence that came with all the memories. But it was time to address the reason why she was here. There was no need running away from it, it would definitely have to be spoken about.

"I remember when last she was here like it was just yesterday." Dante said deep in thoughts. "Anyway what do you want. Juice or wine."

Jennie exhaled as she sat down on the sofa closest to the door. She wanted to be able to leave immediately should Lora annoy her and Lora was definitely going to.

"I normally would have said juice but wine. I will have wine."

"So will I."

Dante poured a glass of wine for the both of them then sat down besides her on the couch. "I have missed you Jennifer." He said softly. He took in a very deep breath before he spoke again. "I really have."

Jennie swallowed. She knew that it wasn't the best time to be talking about this but she couldn't help it. " I've missed you too. So much. So so much." She confessed.

He moved closer to her so they were just a few inches apart. Then he put his hands on the top of her thighs and squeezed it lightly. She choked. It reminded her of a lot.

His scent was the first thing she took notice off. It had always been the first thing that attracted her to him. It was a magnetic pull and she couldn't resist it even after all these years.

He moved his hands gently from her thighs to her chin. Then he pulled her hair backwards so her round face was in view for him. He wanted them like this, they reminded him of Monica.

It was so unfortunate that out of the thousands if girls in ocean city it was only Jennie that could fill a little of the void that the death of Monica caused him. Sadly not only was he so much older than she was she was his daughters girlfriend.

It felt like the gods were out to get him. Like they were really out to make sure that he never knows love but he was used to it. It hurt less with the years as they go by but it hurt still.

Jennie shivered with his touch. Their eyes met and she became spell bound.
While her eyes rested on his lips, his trailed her face, from her eyes to her lips to the little cleavage showing under her clothing.

He was taking in  every bit of her and committing it to memory like he always did before.

She realized that unconsciously she had dressed like he would want her to dress, like Monica.

She didn't even know why she did it. It was over between them,whatever they had was over a long time ago.

And now she was with gosh. She was sure she loved Josh or did she not?she began to wonder if what she felt for Josh was love or lust and infatuation.

She knew that both men occupied her heart but she didn't know for sure who her heart belonged to or to what extent each one occupied it.

"I remember everything." He groaned moving closer. "Not a day passes that I do not think about you Jennie not a single day."

He was so close to her now she could feel his minty breath on the tip of her nose. She choked on her spit. "You ended it all remember. I didn't want to leave you made me leave_" She said shakily. It was her last attempt in trying to control her desire for him. It failed.

"Now you're back. You are. We would find Gloria, we would! but first I have to do this." He raised her chin up and pressed his lips on hers.

She moaned into his mouth succumbing more and more into their kiss. Their tongues now fought for dominance as he pulled her hair back and devoured her lips.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. "Lora." Jennie's heart skipped a thousand beats she had totally forgotten about her.

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