54. It's not a party but you are free to join.

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On a Monday morning when the sun was the brightest but rain still drizzled signifying the occurrence of something extraordinarily like Lora. She walked into her boss's office as usual nothing changed in her countenance nor her steps or her words nor actions. If I didn't tell you her plans you wouldn't even know. That's how good she was.

When she came in she saw that her boss was quite agitated, she smiled because this meant that her first plan proved successful. He was on the phone backing orders and receiving them. He looked very angry and Lora was pleased. She knew what was wrong, but she remained calm, neutral, she was a good pretender.

In any game she played when she had to pretend she like to believe that she was another person. Only her partner knew who she was behind the mask, just a little anyway.

Her boss dropped the phone after speaking for over thirty minutes ignoring Lora's presence. Immediately he dropped the phone Lora began to speak "Hello sir I'm with the document you asked For. Should I file the motion now or wait till letter." lora said quite confidently.

It is unusual for an employee to be that confident in the presence of her boss especially when he was In a bad mood. Believe me it is very unusual, but if you hadn't noticed it before lora is quite unusual.

"Drop it there and leave!" Yelled her very agitated boss in a very angry manner that should have sent any employee running on their tail but not Lora. Lora simply smiled, she was not going to back down now.
She sat down on one of his seats without being offered one, she crossed her legs and looked at her boss with an amused expression on her face. Bad etiquette I know but she was a bad girl.

"I said leave! Did I ask you to sit?" came the yelling voice of her boss, a voice that would have intimidated anybody he was quite a very intimidating man but who's to say Lora gets intimidated. He gaped at astonished by her audacity, his mouth was slightly parted.

"Sir I can get you back the case." Lora interjected quite confidently, she didn't move a smile plastered on her face like makeup.

She pointed to the document on the table in which she knew the case was, the case worth millions of dollars the case her boss was so close to losing on her account.

He looked at her in awe his expression said exactly what he was thinking "How can this newbie get him back the case which him who was a master of the game lost."
What he didn't know was that she was the one that made him loose the case to begin with. It was all part of the plan.

The confidence that was shown on her face impressed her boss so much that he became calm and smiled back. "Fine I'll give you a try but you must report to me this week. " he said. His hands on his desk looking at Lora with admiration. He has always wanted her but he didn't know how to go about it.

"Of course Sir, I'll" Lora replied still with her signature smile. She stood up immediately and left the office.

Immediately she left the office she got a call from her partner lover. He was everything to her and more and she did love him in her own sick way. The way that allowed him to use him.

"Harry." She mumbled smiling as she picked the call sitting. She closed the door of her office to avoid eavesdropping. She crossed her legs, picked up a pen and played with it while she awaited his good news.

"Hello." He replied not sounding like he usually did, excited. There was a strain in his voice that told Lora something was wrong. She immediately dropped the pen she was holding and stood up. "Lora there is a problem." He said sighing loudly.

"I can already tell Harry, speak to me what is it. Is my mum OK, tell me, your are making me worried with your silence." She urged him. Her voice was shaking and her hands sweaty. She was so very afraid of getting a bad news. Bad news always obstructs the game and she was just getting started. She just couldn't afford to have any obstruction now. "Does this have anything to do with our plans?" She asked agitated. She took a strand of her hair and curled it on her fingers in an attempt to calm her raging heart. "Talk to me Harry, you know I hate the silent treatment."

"Sit down Lora."

She sighed knowing that he had her now. She couldn't possibly argue with him when he was holding all the cards. She perched on her desk her eyes focused on the door for any movement. "I'm seated tell me."

Harry sucked in breathe and sighed out. "Gloria has been missing for three months. I've booked your flight to ocean city. You leave by evening. Also I've contacted Jennie and she's coming over too. Dante is back to town."

"Thank you." Lora muttered. That was the only thing she sank into her chair. If anything should happen to Gloria who would she compete with. That was her first thought. She felt guilty that a stranger was the one to inform her of her friends kidnap. Gloria was always the one who did the communication and for three months she had been so engrossed in being better than this friend that she forgot about her.

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