53. Her body was a weapon.

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Lora knew she had a weapon, a weapon which was more powerful then the nuclear weapon newly created by north Korea. The weapon, her body.

The body of a woman is a weapon, and Lora's was the most destructive of them all as she loved to believe. Like they say use what you have to get what you want.

With this in mind Lora knew what her plan was going to be; she was going to seduce her boss into an illicit affair. Her body was the only weapon she knew how to use well without falter so why not use it.

She unlike most girls who indulge in this game of seduction didn't want to seduce her boss so she could get married to him, God forbid that!. Marriage wasn't part of her plan now or anytime soon, although it is expected from her as an African Lady who has come of age.

But she didn't think of herself only as an African woman but also as a modern woman and modern women believe mostly in independence. Marriage was going to try to tame her but before if she was ever going to let herself be tamed then she must be allowed to go wild.

Her plan wasn't also to get her boss to give her some peanuts as incentive for sex for anything order than entirety was not worth a shot. And no, she was not a prostitute only prostitutes could make do with peanuts, she was a queen. The Queen of hearts.

Lora wanted whole or nothing. To her the popular proverb half bread is better than none is just a plain bullshit saying. A proverb made by a lazy man for lazy people. You see to Lora it was either she got the whole loaf of bread or nothing at all.

Her plan was to take all from her boss and watch him leave the company or stay as her employee. Whichever one he chooses will be good as long as he doesn't disturb her game. Ambitious she was but you should already know that.

Even before lora had thought of the plan to seduce her boss, she was already looting money from the company little by little without the knowledge of anybody except her partner in crime Harry. That was their first plan, to loot enough money from the company and then leave. But lora wanted everything.

She however did not inform Harry of the new plan she had because she knew he would never agree as he was very protective of her and could be very jealous. He didn't want her having contact with any man that wasn't him.

Sometimes she felt like he really does mean it when he says he loves her but she prefers to think it is a lie cause she doesn't feel the same way at least not In the way he did. She only wanted the occasional sex from him and the support he gave to her plans. If men can use women for sex who's to say women can't do same.

Well you may be wondering how a mere secretary managed to pull such strings in the company. The reason was however not far fetched. Lora has always been at the top of the food chain wherever she went because of her beauty.

So it wasn't surprising when she did in fact take this same position in the company. Most men who had blood in them wanted her as far as I knew and I am recounting this events based on my knowledge.

Lora gave them pleasure but that pleasure was only a tease and there is just something potent about frustrated desires that gives women the power over men. A power Lora was not going to let go to waste ever.

They wanted her but they couldn't have her. This was not because they were rejected, no, Lora had a way of playing her games. She did not reject any one of them.

They were not rejected but that's not to say that they were accepted, you see lora was never straightforward she didn't say anything expressly nor did her actions imply anything. She was unpredictable no man could say for certain what was going on in her mind.

To her life was a game and although no one is a winner of this great game, she was going to be an exceptional player. A player that would be remembered even after the game should end.

Today was the day Lora planned to finally take her plans to the next level, action.

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