52. The game must go on.

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Lora was a very beautiful girl as beautiful you can imagine, a true African beauty. Her skin shone like gold and she didn't need lip balms to make her lips sexy, she already possessed the most sensual and the most beautiful lips, red and lovely.

Her eyes were brown like most Africans but not boring, you see her eyes had a fire in them that made it exciting to look at a fire that could consume your soul if you stare too long.

She was tall and slender people often mistook her for a British, her accent was just amazing and her voice music to the ears.

But Lora has In fact never been outside Ocean city all her life and has never been to British but like her friend Gloria she knew how to adapt, she was a very fast learner. She was born with all the beauty and all the sexual power you can imagine and the universe was in love with her right from creation.

But, Lora right from birth has been impatient. When she was little she would cry when her request wasn't met immediately or her toy jokingly taken from her.

Lora never tolerated it when anything was taken from her, be it a person or a thing. She was the one to take always and not the other way round. She never wanted to wait, she wanted everything done with immediacy.

And as she grew up she became more impatient and coupled with that she became very ambitious, overly ambitious. You may say ambition is a necessity for success but not when it was toxic like that of Lora's.

Her impatience coupled with her being overly ambitious was going to be Dangerous. For as you know or maybe you don't, impatience and ambition Do not go hand in hand or there would be chaos.

If you are ambitious and impatient it was predictable that you must find a short cut to success and one thing about short cuts is that they are very dangerous, for you do not know what is lurking in the corner because a short cut is hidden from Everyone. And what is hidden is usually painful to the eyes.

Lora had it all. She was beautiful, smart, and very intelligent as a matter of fact she had graduated with a first class in law from the prestigious university of OC. The universe gave her all but to her no one had it all and so she didn't, she wanted more, she wanted everything.

Lora was from a poor family, an average humble family, her parents found it difficult to feed both her and her Siblings while she was growing up but they still were the best of parents she could have had as they gave her every love and advice needed from African parent's.

Lora loved them as much as she loved her self but she loved her dreams more than she did anything. It was because of these great ambitions that she lost almost all her college friends. Coupled with her being overly ambitious she was selfish and greedy. No one wanted to associate with her except Gloria.

Gloria saw through her to see what good remained in her soul and she owed Gloria her life. Sometimes when she wanted to do something questionable she would remember Gloria and refrain.

Their college life was beautiful but when they both graduated they had to separate. It was just as hard for Lora as it was for Gloria but it was Lora's choice to leave. She wanted more than Ocean city could give her and for that she had to leave to the Us.

However when she got there things were not as she thought them to be, as she promised Gloria they would be. She ended up working as a secretary for a law firm but lied to Gloria that she was already working as an associate.

She couldn't afford to be seen as a failure by her only friend neither could she afford to be a secretary like she was.

She got to support her family from her salary as a secretary in one of the biggest law firms in the country. But as you well know private organizations do not give the best of salaries.

For someone as ambitious as Lora the salary was just peanuts and she was in fact allergic to nuts. She wanted to have her own Mercedes and driver. She wanted her own condo and a wardrobe filled up with shoes and bags of different designs.

She was just so unsatisfied with her salary, furious In fact, she was convinced that she deserved more, she wanted more although what she had was considered more than enough to a less ambitious people. Her boss did justice to her in regards to her salary. L because he admired the good job she did.

But Lora wasn't a less ambitious person.

With the realization that she could get more Lora thought of a plan to get exactly that, more. She wanted more than Gloria had, she wanted to be better than Gloria was.

Gloria knew this, it was no secret that Lora saw her as a competition but she didn't find it offensive, she in fact didn't mind. It was not her business who Lora chose to compete with be it her or any other person. If it motivated her to be a better version of herself then she didn't mind.

Gloria knew Lora more than anyone did, she knew that although Lora wasn't all that good she still had some good in her and sometimes she liked to create illusions to make her feel less evil than she was.

Illusions that made her feel like a better person. Gloria did not support her having these illusions and tried to talk her out of them but there was only so much influence she had on Lora.

Lora would convince herself that she was going through with the not so good plans she thought about just for her family, to make them live the life they deserved and to take her family off from poverty to the beauty of wealth.

But deep in her heart where her mind doesn't interfere or cloud it's judgment, she knew that she was in fact doing everything for herself. Lora loved to play games, she loved the danger and the adrenaline rush she got from doing something immoral.

You know what that's what people say when they want to do something unworthy but don't want it to look unworthy "I am not doing it for myself but for my family". Plain Bullshit.

Do you know that their are some very few people blessed with the capabilities of being sinners. Some people who do not have to work hard to be devious for they already possess the qualities of deviousness in them, they already had it in them and a perfect example was lora.

She was a fine tempter and a dangerous seducer, she was all the devil needed in a demon but she was human fortunately.

She knew the power she held, she was as sure of herself as we are sure that the sun will set in the morning. When lora looked in the mirror she saw the most beautiful girl ever and she may not be far from the truth. She would say, "Mirror, Mirror who is the fairest of them all." And she would answer herself, "Lora. I am the fairest of them all, fairer than Gloria. It doesn't matter of most of the guys like her more, I am fairer."

She was beautiful and knowing this she knew just what she could do with her sexual talent, alluring beauty and sweet confidence. She was going to take over the law firm where she worked. After all, Lora was never one to receive orders but one to give them.

To achieve this devious plan she had to eliminate all possible threats and her number one threat was her Boss the CEO. The problem became the how, how was she going to eliminate her boss.

As you well know the problem isn't always in coming up with a plan, the problem most times became, how will the plan be carried out. This is what I like to call methods of achievement.

Lora was everything but she was not a killer, at least not yet so she couldn't possibly kill her boss and besides Lora hated complications. She was well aware that complications obstructed the steady flow of the game. So killing was a no no.

She dared not do anything to obstruct the flow of the game, whatever her plan was going to be she was to make sure that it was going to flow with the game. Because the game must go on

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