51. He gives in.

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Finally they got to the seventh floor and josh pressed a button letting them out and away from the tension of the elevator. The first door they saw had room  36 written on it.

It was like the universe knew that they couldn't hold their need for each other any longer and they might just start kissing each other before getting to the room, should the room be farther than their desires can manage.

"How to you know this place." Jennie asked him surprised that he knew the room was on the 7th floor. The hotel was so big she couldn't believe it there was no way she would have known the floor the room was had it been only her

"Have you forgotten that I am a genius." He answered with a mischievous smile. She rolled her eyes at his answer not without smiling though.

He chuckled at the annoyed expression on her face covered in laughter. Then he opened the door with the key and she hastily went in with him. Immediately they got into the room he shoved her to the wall kicking the door close.

Then they started kissing again this time without inhibitions. His tongue dominated hers, his need to taste her intoxicating. She was like drug to him even more potent. He couldn't get enough of her.

She asked pulled back to take in air after some minutes of intoxicating kisses from Joshua. She was panting so hard. He was such a good kisser, so good she wished that she didn't need to breathe do they could continue to kiss all day long.

Her head was against the wall and josh was greedily taking of her clothes. His desire for her was more than his need to breathe."What are we really doing here Josh and how do you really know this room?" She asked moaning as his hands grazed her skin. They were so warm, so warm against her cold frame.

"Maybe I've brought other ladies here." He laughed. Jennie didn't find it at all funny in fact She pushed him off her and started to adjust her clothes.

He laughed out again stopping her from dragging her shirt up her shoulder. His one hand held both of hers in place on her chest and the other lifted her chin up to meet his.

When her eyes met his they didn't show her anger in fact they showed the intensity of her need. They both looked at each other with so much passion the room would have felt suffocating for any another person.

"I don't find it funny." She finally whispered breaking away from the spell that bound their eyes together in longing.

He smiled slightly then he chuckled, he never could have believed that he would one day make Jennie Jealous but as he looked at her now he could see not just jealousy in her eyes but passion and it tugged against his heart like a puppet master tugs his puppets.

He moved close to her pressing himself against her so she had no words to utter but silent moans. Then he titled her head up and kissed her on her lips.

His lips touched hers in a feathery kiss and that was it, he pulled back. "You are the only one Jennie. The only one. I want you alone." he whispered soberly. Then he crashed his lips on hers. "No one would ever have me except you. I belong to you Jennie." He moaned into her lips.

His confession left her boneless. Her legs could no longer carry her weight, her core wanted his arousal in her. She was so wet for him, so eager to have him she started to feel tingles all over her body especially in her stomach. She closed her eyes savouring the feeling of his lips on hers, the feeling of desire overwhelmed her. She couldn't believe that he would finally be here after so long.

Soon they started to kiss more passionately, she was now so awestruck and so smitten she wanted him as much as he needed her. Their lips moved in symphony, his lips met hers at every turn and hers met his at every turn.

They were both working at the same pace like they had one soul or one demon possessed them both.  His hands were everywhere on hers and hers were everywhere on him. They wanted to have the whole of each other, to be in and on each other. To be joined as one in body and  would.

Their bodies yearned so bad for one another their hands could not keep up with any pace again till their naked body joined together and his cock jammed in her core in one glorious movement. Moans and groans filled the room.

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