50. Fear, desire, love.

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When her breathing steadied she started to struggle against his arm but even if he was lean with few muscles he was far much stronger than her. He was always so strong.

He used his left hand to stop the car then he put the key in his pocket while she still struggled against him her head buried in the crook of his neck.

He finally let her go after he had succeeded in his plan and she moved away from him resting her head on the window. She rushed air into her lungs continuously taking deep breathes. She could feel his eyes on her and when his intense stare became unbearable her eyes flew open.

"What the hell did you just do!" She yelled gritting her teeth.

"I want to be with you before you go so I stopped the car. Why can't I? Please let me." He pleaded, he started playing with his fingers and he looked away from her to the road.

She could see the tears that pricked his eyes and her heart softened. He looked so sad. "I'm sorry I was not thinking straight you can take me to school If you want to. I just_ I just need to be with you before you leave."

"I want to spend time with you too." She whispered. A smile crept up her face and she held his hands in hers urging him to look at her. When he did the happiness in his eyes made her heart want to jump out from her chest.

His green eyes were so bright she almost got lost in it. Unlike her blue eyes his were no ordinary eyes. His blonde hair was packed and his smile accentuated his high cheekbones.

"Then you won't mind if I do this." He laughed. He opened the passenger door and jumped out, and without sparing her a glance he ran to the hotel. She ran after him feeling so happy and lighthearted.

The security men watched them with a smile on their face. They looked so harmless they didn't mind letting them go in. After all they couldn't enter into the hotel with any weapons courtesy of the highly improved technological door.

She wanted to ask where he was going but it was a stupid question seeing that they just ran into a massive hotel. She wondered what the security men thought about them.

Lucky enough for her they would think that they were love struck couples. Hopefully they didn't ask for ID even though she doubted the possibility of that seeing that the hotel was so huge. She was worried what if they suspected that Josh was an underage.

She quickly let her worry slide when she remembered that Josh did not look like an underage in the least he looked over 20. His eyes were so sharp and even though he was Lean and had this innocent look when he fell his hair when he packed it like he did today he looked rugged.

She used to call him a chameleon for his ability to switch looks whenever he styled his had differently.

That must be why he never cut it, his hair reached his shoulders and he still insisted that he wasn't going to cut it no matter how many times his parents scolded him about it. He said his hair was his mask and now Indeed she was beginning to agree with him.

Casting her worries entirely she ran into the hotel feeling so overjoyed like a 6 year old baby. That's what Josh did to her he made her feel young.

"I need a room." Josh was saying to the receptionist when she got in smiling sheepishly like a drunkard. He quickly pulled out money from his pocket and dropped it on the desk.

The receptionist looked at him and then at Jennie who was standing close to the entrance. Then she gave him his key, a card which he was to use to open the door.

Jennie sighed relieved that they didn't ask for his ID. The receptionist didn't even seem like she suspected that he was underage.

"Martin. Show him to room 36." She said to the man standing by her side. Josh stopped him with a hand gesture. "I'll find the room. Then you." With that he entered the elevator and Jennie followed him in jumping from one foot to the other. Luckily the reception was empty sparing her the embarrassment of having someone witness her childishness.

Immediately Jennie entered the elevator Josh smashed her lips against hers, he crushed her lips into a passionate kiss and then as if he just went mad he pulled her up like she had weight at all.

She kissed him back kissing him deeply and expertly, he was grinding his arousal against her like a teen and she fought the urge to laugh. Instead of laughing she started moaning. She wanted more and more.

She never imagined that grinding could feel so good. She was getting so wet and her clit yearned for a touch from the cock that was Joshua's. As much as she loved the grinding she wanted it raw also.

She was about to pull his belt when the elevator opened on the third floor, two men joined them their eyes flashing suspicion. They quickly moved away from each other not only because it was an outrageous thing to do but because Josh was still a minor.

They couldn't be cut in the act, It was too much of a risk. She couldn't even imagine going to prison instead of going to ocean city to look for her friend.

Josh tried to steady his breathe breathing quietly through his nose. He looked at his hands shyly, he noticed that he was still erect. He used his hands to cover his cock too shy to look at Jennie. This was his first time doing anything yet he was not failing totally. It was like Jennie released a primal hunger in him the kind that never quenched.

He wanted to look at her to see if she was just as flushed as he was but he was too shy to besides he knew she wasn't a novice like he was. He started to feel insecure wondering if he was doing right by her or if she was faking his moan like the women who faked orgasm just so they don't step on their man's ego.

When he finally gathered courage to look at Jennie, she was looking up and was breathing so raggedly. He wished there was a way to know what she was thinking but he couldn't. He just had to hope that he was doing right by her. If only he knew how Jennie was stoking herself from rushing him right then and there.

She was almost reaching a climax when the Damn men interrupted them. She wanted to strangle them but though against it. It was like the universe was trying to make her land in prison in an attempt to keep her away from ocean city but she was not going to let the universe mess with her not when her closest friend ever was involved.

She was going to show the universe that she can control herself. If only that was also true when it came to Joshua. She sighed

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