48. Give in.

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She rushed after him and got to the car about the same time he did. He was resting on the car his head thrown back when she got to him. He heard her footsteps and opened his eyes slowly. "Why are you the one dropping me off, don't you have a flight to catch?"

"You know you should stop being petty over this issue. It's not like I'm moving out or something. I don't have the energy for this so get in." She moved to the drivers seat and trued to get in but then noticed that Josh wasn't moving. "Josh get into the goddamn car. I'm in no mood for this!"

Josh turned around to meet her eyes across the car his hands clenched into a fist. "You treat me like a teenager in the morning and an adult during night time. Why don't you become consistent Jennie. Stop messing with my mind!"

"Will you keep your voice down." Jennie whispered harshly her eyes widened. "Someone can hear you and please stop being dramatic I'm not moving out and I will soon be back so stop it already. Lord have Mercy!"

He scoffed and shook his head bitterly. Her words stung him. "Did you know you were going to leave before or after I came to your room yesterday night because it sure as hell looks like you have the opportunity to tell me and you didn't care to."

She hissed and rolled her eyes knowing where all this talk was leading too. "You know that's not important."

"It is to me so answer the damn question!" He growled underneath his breathe.

"Well I won't so you better enter the motherfucking car or I'm leaving without you. I'm not in the mood for this tantrum now." She hissed. She pulled the drivers door open and entered the car. Then she waited a minute for him impatiently tapping on the steering wheel. After a minute like she guessed he entered the car finally looking calm.

The tension in the car could comfortably make a baby float in the air. Josh looked out of the window refusing to look at her and Jennie concentrated on driving. But after some minutes she got tired of the silence and the tension.

She was leaving today and she didn't even know if she would come back or not. The least she needed now was to have to leave fighting with the boy she cared about and desired. She watched him from the corner of her eyes and he still looked pretty much angry to her.

"Is your goodbye to me really going to be the silent treatment." She sighed. She was still watching him from the corner of her eyes when she spoke and his body language did not give anything up.

He still remained in the exact same posture he remained before she spoke. "Alright if this is going to be your good bye to me then I might as well move out."

Josh whirled his head to her in one swift move and she did the same their eyes meeting. "Is that a threat? Are you seriously going to threaten me with moving out!"

She looked away from him and back to the road. She couldn't afford an accident. Her sister would kill her if anything happened to her only child.

She swallowed, she just realized how close Josh was to her, so very close now and how far she would soon be from him. She would greatly miss him and she was not going to let his stupid tantrum come in the way of their happiness this last day.

She removed her left hand from the steering wheel and placed it on her legs. From the corner of her eyes she could see that he was totally distracted and his thoughts somewhere else.

She sighed, she was getting so wet and he won't even look at her but it was fine. She would make him look at her. Her hands moved to his thighs and caressed it till she got to his dick then she grabbed it.

"Stop it." He breathed out finally looking away from the window like she wanted but then he didn't look at her, he fixed his eyes on the road. "Stop it. I really Don't want to speak to you." He was lying and she knew it. But the question remained, Would she be able to get him to give in to his feelings?

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