47. Please stay.

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"I'm going to Ocean city today, I already booked my flight." Jennie announced during the start of their family breakfast.

She was seated in the dining with her sister, her sisters husband and josh. A dining of four in the garden where the morning sun shone brightly on them.

The day felt good but she didn't feel good at all. She took a bite of the sandwich and licked her lips afterwards.

Unknown to her, Josh was staring at her from the corner of his eyes. He wondered what it would be like taste her lips.

"That's sudden did Gloria call for a get together? How's she by the way? That girl is so fierce like her father." Her sister Jessie muttered, as she munched on her sandwich. She wiped her lips with a napkin and took a sip of her juice.

"Is Gloria general Dante's Daughter." Her sisters husband asked for the first time joining in their conversation. She met his eyes and nodded In the affirmative.

Her sisters eyes met Jennies and her brows furrowed in suspicion. She had the feeling that her sister was definitely hiding something from her. Gloria wouldn't just call for a get together or will she.

Jennie cleared her throat. From the corner of her eyes she could see her sisters husband subtly staring at her. He too was suspicious but she didn't exactly think it wise to tell them that Gloria had been kidnapped.

"Yes she wanted to see all her friends and she's doing pretty good. Its Gloria we are talking about here if she isn't good who will." Jennie laughed nervously burying her head in her food.

"So she's asking you to come for a get together." Her sister asked again trying to clarify her suspicion.

"Well yes, we are__ we want to have a girls week out. Gloria is celebrating her__ her promotion." She answered with a crooked smile that easily faded.

Mr Mathew's eyes were on her but he didn't say anything, he continued eating like there was no conversation going on but she knew he was just as attentive as his wife. Her sister Jessie and her husband were two polar opposites but they did love each other greatly.

"You are leaving today and telling us today?" Josh asked scoffing. "Weigh to show how important we are to you."

"Joshua!" I called raising my voice like it was a summon. "Eat."

"Young man eat or you will be late for school and how many times have I told you not to speak rudely to an elder__" Jesse reprimanded glaring at him.

Josh shrugged. "Sorry mum." He apologized pecking her. He stood up from his seat his eyes steady on Jennie.

"Apologize to your aunt Jennie."

"Sorry Jennie." He simply said looking away from her. Jennie nodded. She knew why he was mad but there was nothing she could do about it. "I'll be leaving for school." Joshua added.

"So soon, you've never gone this early to school before."

"And now I decided to you don't want me to. What happened to Josh go early to school tomorrow?"

Jessie sucked in her breathe. She could tell that her son was in a bad mood and she didn't have the strength for an argument. She pushed her chair backwards and stood up.

"Alright let me drop him off," She nodded to her husband who shrugged and kept on eating. "Honey come back early." He said looking up at his wife.

"There will be no need for that don't worry, I'll drop him off," Jennie said in a hurry. She didn't want to miss the opportunity to be alone with him before she travelled to Ocean city.

Her sister sighed in relief. She had not taken her bath yet and she needed to report early for work today. Dropping her son off to school would definitely have delayed her. Her sister was a blessing.

"Thanks Jennie, don't worry by next year he will be eighteen and then he can finally get his own car." She said sitting back down.

"Its no biggie" she smiled. She kissed her sister good bye and waved at her sisters husband who nodded at her. Her eyes locked with Josh across the dining and he rolled his eyes. He kissed his mum and waved his dad goodbye and turned to leave without even waiting for her.

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