46. You know you don't want me to stop.

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After she dropped the call she started pacing, guilt was killing her. She couldn't believe that she did not call her friend Gloria for those three months after they fought over something she could not even remember now.

She knew it was something she felt that she was right about and deserved an apology from Gloria but now she couldn't even remember what it was, Now that apology meant nothing to her, her friend has been missing for three months now and she didn't even know.

Tears pricked her eyes as she continued to pace. She looked out the window enjoying the feel of the cold air on her skin, it dotted her skin and made her feel worse and that's why she continued to stand by the window. She wanted some sort of punishment for her sins. She had to leave tomorrow she only hoped that wherever her friend was that she was safe.

She promised herself to be more forgiving if only she could find her friend. Dante must be so worried for his daughter. She thought as she wiped the tears that fell down her eyes. She felt sorry for the man, he hasn't gotten over his wife's death now his daughter was missing.

She sat down on the bed and crossed her legs unable to stand near the window anymore. She folded the bed sheet in her hand loving the feel as it rumpled.

She was feeling so turned on now and it freaked her so bad. Maybe because she was going to be leaving tomorrow and somewhere in this house there was her nephew who she wanted in her. She had planned a way to get him in her room and she was hoping that it worked.

Thinking about it since she was going to live tomorrow and may not come back then she might as well do what she always wanted to do fuck him, her nephew. This night she was going to have him after all she needed a tale to tell her friend when she saw her because she was going to.

Suddenly, she heard a knock on the door and she pretended to be asleep drawing the bed sheet over her as she laid down on the bed. The door was pushed open and he came in, she couldn't believe her luck. She knew it was him because she could feel his presence.

She was however confused as to what the hell he was doing standing at the door for so long. But, she let her confusion take second chair, letting her desire take lead she pretended to snore softly.

"Jennie." Josh whispered. His mother had told him to go give Jennie the scarf she borrowed from her in the morning and although he wanted to tell her that it was a bad idea he didn't know how to tell her what made it a bad idea so he just went with her order because his mum never takes no for an answer except there was a solid reason behind the no.

Even if he knew that there was a solid reason behind his no, he knew that the reason was unspeakable.

When she did not steer after a minute, he released the breathe he didn't know he was holding and finally entering the room he dropped the scarf on table by his side.

He really could not believe his luck he had already thought of ten thousand ways of how best he could get to control himself when Jennie started her seduction again and non of them worked because as much as he hated to admit it. He loved it when she tried to seduce him and he wanted her as much as she wanted him maybe even more but their love was forbidden or else In fact he was adopted.

Which he was beginning to put a lot of thought to because he didn't understand why Jennie would want to sleep with her nephew when she had a lot of men asking her out. Her inexperienced nephew who only knew how to kiss and have never gone past that despite being Mr popular in highschool.

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