45. A fathers love.

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Monica held her hands and pressed them on her face. She went on her knees to kiss Gloria on her lips tears falling from both there eyes, mixing. The pain flowed.

"I have to protect you. I Don't know what my presence here may cause you. I can't let you die for me But I give you my word princess I'll come back for you even if it is the last thing I do in life, Even if I have to kill for it." She assured her kissing her all over her face.

Monica ran out from her hiding place her mind made up as she stood right in front of the Cross fire causing each team to stop shooting. Gloria peeped through the building her heart going out to her mother. Her mother would always be her hero.

"Monica what are you doing?" Alfredo screamed pulling Monica to him. "Do you want to get yourself killed?" He shouted on her face. His voice filled with rage.

"I don't want to get myself killed neither do I want to get you guys killed. Just let me go with them Alfred, I'll return. I promise. I don't care what happens I want this men far away from my Daughter" Monica begged holding unto his shirt her eyes filled with determination, determination to save those who were meant to save her. Determination to save her child.

"I cannot let you go with them Monica that will be over my dead body. Dante asked that we give our life for you and we will. They will only take you after they take our breath."

Monica ignored him facing the other police officers, the one still left standing. "Am I worth your death?" She asked trying to reason with them but they ignored her question a look of determination on their faces.

Never had she seen a people ready to die as they did and determined to do it. She looked over to the corner of the building where she had just left and saw Gloria staring at her as tears streamed down her face. Pablo followed her eyes and she caught him watching her with a smirk on his face. Her heart best stopped as he mouthed, "boom."

To her causing her to shiver and confirming her suspicions. They were here to kill Gloria. Jesus Christ! She had to get them away from here. She thought, her heart thumping in her ears. Goosebumps decorated her skin and her hairs stood. She blinked fast to keep the tears that streamed down her eyes at bay. She was scared shitless not for herself but her child.

"You should listen to her young men. She is a smart woman and she is just trying to save your life and her daughter's" Pablo snickered. " You are outnumbered and we will not leave here without her. Blood will flow but it will be yours, Alfredo Garcia!" Pablo boasted hitting his gun on his chest. "What do you say Monica, your life in exchange for your daughters.

His men moved forward, they were already close to Monica just a few inches far.

Alfredo smiled and narrowed his eyes at them. "We die for her! You are outmatched brothers." He screamed and his men followed suit as they all cracked their gun ready to start firing. But non of them noticed that the gun Pablo pointed was not on Rutger of them it was on her child.

"Please stop!" Monica cried Hugging Alfredo but he pushed her away gently. "Let this blood flow." He shouted.

Immediately he pushed Monica she ran to Pablo blocking him.

"Move Lady, you live but your daughter doesn't. Now your husband will know who is boss." Monica wasn't going to move except dead. "Alright then you will die before her." Pablo laughed maniacally.

This nightmare continued to play over and over in Dante's mind. Even after he destroyed the cartel and had each and everyone of them killed he still couldn't find peace. He more than anyone now believed that exerting revenge didn't exactly give peace.

He knew that the scene damaged his daughter for the rest of her life. It was because of this she wanted to learn to fight and he didn't hesitate to teach her. It gave her closure somehow, a way to still be in touch with her mother and she loved it.

He on the other hand didn't want to lose another love one without them being able to defend himself. His wife had been brave and his Daughter had taken that from her. Wherever she was now he was sure that she would survive till he finds her and makes her captive pay the price of taking his beloved daughter.

He scrolled through the numbers of his phone and stopped at one. He was pacing the room now unable to seat down for even a second. He just had to make sure that his Daughter was fine. She could be with one of her friends possibly Jennie. He thought dialing her number. She picked on the first ring.

"Mr Dante." Her tiny voice echoed from the other end of the call.

"Is Gloria with you?" He asked not willing to beat around the Bush something he had in common with his daughter.

"Gloria. I haven't heard from her for three months. Why? I thought she was still angry with me, you know we quarrelled and then gosh she's so annoying, you can't take her side this time she__"

"Jennie that's enough." Dante yelled. He pressed his eyes with his finger when the other end went dead silent. "Gloria is missing." He finally said breaking the thick silence.

"What!" Jennie exclaimed jumping of her bed. "Explain to me in details what you mean."

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