43. He remembers.

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Dante screamed his eyes flying open. He was having the same night mare again. The same one that caused him to join the military. The same one that had been a part of him for years. He sat up on his bed pouring himself a glass of water, he gulped down the entire content of the e glass.

His heart was beating rapidly against his chest. He couldn't fathom why he didn't have nightmares when he was on a mission but his nightmares started immediately he came back home. Because his nightmares were chaos and his missions were; likes did repel after all.

It had always been like this for him, the same nightmare every time. A reminder of his dead wife Monica. It was always about her when she was alive and even after her death everything still remained about her.

He started to remember his eyes pricking with unshed tears. His heart beat increased by a thousand beats. His eyes became red from pain and lack of sleep, even his pills couldn't help him sleep most times. He took his pills from the bedside table and swallowed it down with half glass of water.

Gloria would be expecting his call now, he had left a voice mail in her office immediately he came into ocean city. Speaking of which she was supposed to have called him already. Gloria never missed the opportunity to pick him up at the airport and when she did it was because she was making him a little surprise for when he got home.

It was unlike her to not be here or else she was in danger. Gloria was one who stuck to routine and didn't mind it as long as it meant it kept her loved ones close. She loved to see things she could recognize, it made her feel safe.

He pushed the duvet off him and stood up. His instincts were always right as a matter of fact without him following his guts he would have been a dead man. In the military sometimes your instinct becomes all that is left of you during war time. He sat up on the bed, taking his phone he dialed his daughters number.

After calling her twice with the call going straight to voice mail he was sure now that something was wrong. His daughter never ignores his call except in danger.

"Hi this is Gloria I'm unable to reach the phone at this moment." His daughters voice rang into his ears again and again, over and over. The repeated voice notes sent chills down his spine. "Gloria I'm coming to get you." He said into his phone

His heart was beating so fast and he was near having a panic attack but he took hold of his emotions immediately, just like he had been trained to do because the last time he let his emotions get the better of him, he lost his wife. He still remembered it like it was yesterday mostly because he could still feel it all happen.

"No one can dare me and go free. I am the devil. If anyone should cross my path he shall be thrown in hell to burn from the soul within. " Javier shouted his teeth gritted in anger as he held tightly the gun on the side of his waist. His right hand man Pablo kept quiet and still. He feared his boss especially when he was seething with venom. He was ruthless.

"Dante has crossed the den of the lion and I'll devour him, I'll make him my scape goat. Pablo arm your men to the teeth and go to the house of Monica bring her here. I want to see the immortality he claims to have. When I'm done with him I swear he would return to the military where he came from" Javier mocked. His hands were pressed to his gun. Then he slid it out of his pocket and dropped it on the table in rage. "I want to know this woman. I want to have her for myself. She has given Dante too much power and guts. I will take it away."

"And the child."

"Isn't that a godforsaken question Pablo. Kill the fucking child."

"Yes boss." Pablo nodded. If his boss wanted the child then, then he would have her killed. His boss was king after all.

He was about leaving the office when he turned back to meet the rage filled eyes of Javier who was still restless even after ordering for the doom of his enemy.

Javier may kill him for what he was about to say but it didn't matter, his loyalty to his boss came first and he would die for him. "If you take Monica the war between the cartels and the police will become untameable, A wild fire. Will you be able to curtail such fire boss?"

Javier smiled tapping the cigarette he had just grabbed from his pocket. "I am the fire, the question is can he curtail me. Get going Pablo!" He lit the cigarette.

"Yes boss." Pablo nodded, a smirk on his face. Going outside he clapped his hands a sign for his men to gather. They did all did. All ten of them.

"This is not the first time Dante has dared our boss." He started beginning his speech. "And this time he has gone behind us to deal with the Americans. Our own business our territory. We must take him down and take him down fast. He claims to be invisible, he claims to be immortal, we already know where his life line is. We will take her, cut her of from him and watch him bleed. Who is with me!" He screamed.

"We are! let's make the god bleed." They all screamed taking their guns and missiles indeed armed to the teeth as they rushed out to their SUVs, a battle raging.

He thinks he can play god saving the innocent. He better remember that there is an innocent woman and child in his house. Pablo thought Evilly

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