41. Her screams get me mad!

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She could see that he didn't want to completely dominate her but then she needed him to. She too wanted to forget everything. "Forget I'm the master just for today." She whispered breathing hard. Even this was an order and James knew it.

James smiled looking up at her, he had never felt so happy before. The fact that Clara was willing to submit to him overwhelmed his senses. He swore that he won't fail her.

James fingers brushed her core, wringing a strangled gasp from her. Pleasure zinged through her veins and molten, liquid heat pooled in her feminine place.

Bracing her firmly against him, he wedged his foot between hers and nudged them apart. She held her breath as he cupped her mound and slipped one finger between her folds then two then three. Each finger drawing out a separate moan and gasp from Clara.

Her moans were loud but she didn't care. No one would hear her as the cabin was far away from home. She intended to scream. She wanted to feel this pleasure from her soul and James was doing just that.

His finger dipped inside her, and her knees wobbled. "James_" she breathed. She wanted him deeper, so deep she'd forget it all. So deep she would forget Lucius and his ugly mortal.

He obeyed, adding a finger and pushing deep. He hissed and rocked his hips into her ass. "I've never wanted someone so much" He muttered withdrawing the forth finger. She heard him but didn't respond. He was getting carried away with her and If it were to be in another situation she would have killed him but in this, he was free to be carried away as much as he desired.

He bent down and kissed her neck, then he suckled it. He pushed his three fingers deeper in her. He did something expertly with his fingers, stroked something inside that sent electric shocks of ecstasy through her entire pelvis. She clenched around him as he pumped in and out, and when he pressed his thumb against her clitoris, she cried out.

"That's it," he said hoarsely. "Ride my hand. I want you to come so hard you scream."

Scream? That's exactly what she wanted to do how did he know that? Every awareness sipped through her at the sound of his house voice. Her words to him became through right then no one was master and no one slave. All she wanted was to feel the blissful pleasure of orgasm.

He withdrew his fingers, and that made her want to scream wanting him inside her, but he plunged them back inside and blew in her ears causing her nipples to harden so much she shivered. Her senses were dulled obscuring the picture of Lucius in her mind.

He continued to thrust into her with his fingers later replaced by his cock before she came undone in a loud scream. He came afterwards after thrusting one more time hard and deep. He rested on his back besides her and In the bliss of the moment Clara looked at him, really looked at him and admired him.

It was Clara's luck that her slave wasn't only good in bed but also handsome. His skin was a beautiful ivory color, having only been turned to a vampire last year he still maintained some of his complexion. He was still a new born and His skin hadn't paled like hers and they were beautiful although the sign of it whitening was already visible. His cheekbones angled over the strong planes of his face, his lips full and sensual. His blonde hair hung on his shoulders in waves. His eyes, when he wasn't lost in his blood hunger during feeding or sex were a sharp blue.

Granted he wasn't as handsome as Lucius nor closely as handsome as him. To her Lucius was the most handsome of all the men in the world. The god of the sun himself. She however appreciated James good looking features but she wanted Lucius. She loved him, loved his power and wanted part of it. She wanted to be queen. She wanted the power and no stupid mortal would take that away from her not when she can stop it.

She was still breathing heavily after such blissful climax but now that she had come undone, the need for release no longer holding her hostage she started to think of how to get rid of that human. She would not sit back and watch someone take Lucius away from her. She had to do something.

"The mortal has to die." She mumbled to herself standing up. She didn't have the time to enjoy the peace of after orgasm not when the kingdom she had worked for all her life was at stake.

It was at that point that she heard of the screams of a Lucius being bound to his mate. James heard it just In time to stand up. If what he just heard was what he was thinking then he had more to worry about that the pleasure of after sex. He needed to defend himself against Clara because right now she was a moving viper.

Clara's eyes were a dark black when he stood up. He refused to glance at them for another second scared of what she was capable of doing now that she was experiencing rage and blood lust.

Her fangs were out and she was going to kill him. But at least one thing was to his advantage in it all if he wouldn't have her she wouldn't have Lucius either.

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