40. Outdo yourself.

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James screamed from the pain unleashed by her fangs. He almost lost his breath but he didn't loose his bearing. He would die before he let go of Clara. So as long as he was alive he wouldn't and couldn't let go of her.

He dropped her down on the mattress again her lips still lingering on his neck. he groaned. A mixture of pain and pleasure. Clara moaned in response and shifted her body so they were stretched out on the hard mattress, him on top of her, rocking his sex against hers to the rhythm of her pulls on his vein.

Heat roared through him, searing him from the inside out, and when she dug her nails into his shoulders, he growled in approval. She was being much harder than he thought she'd be. And he loved it. He loved her anger and her rage. He loved everything about her.

Cradling her head against his throat, he smoothed his hand up to her slim waist and over her rib cage. Her warmth radiated through him, her desire radiated from her entire body as he swept his thumb across the swell of her breast.

Clara gasped, breaking the seal on his throat, and a wet rivulet flowed down his skin. Her tongue flicked out to catch the stream, licking upward in a lazy, sensual stroke. The crimson of his blood intoxicating her.

When she reached the puncture from her bite, she latched on again, drawing like she was starving. He shouted at the ecstasy of it and thrust against her as though he was already inside her.

"Keep doing that." His voice was a guttural rasp he could barely hear over the sound of his pulse drumming in his ears. "Harder. Suck me harder." He begged and Clara did just that. She finally gave into the pleasure James was giving. The picture of Lucius in her mind almost disappeared but then she knew she could never forget the picture of that mortal on his bed. She had looked so young and so vulnerable. There was no way she could be able to survive as the Queen. Vampires needed a leader that they could fear and no vampire would fear a mortal.

She dug her fingers into his back and sucked him like he wanted because this might just be her last night with him.

Slowly with each thrust James was getting into her mind and fucking her soul. She couldn't deny the fact that James pleasured her greatly. Fuck! he knew how to submit and dominate and only a few knew how to. Those were the real masters in bed and he was a good fuck. He didn't slow his pace, he continued hard driving her closer and closer into a much needed climax.

But even in her flushed state with her stomach rumbling from the feel of near orgasm. Her mind still travelled to Lucius. She wondered how he would be in bed. If he could make her come just like James or If he would torture her stopping her climax till she lost her mind. She wondered what kind of man he was when his cock went hard. She sighed assuming Lucius an expert.

From the kiss they shared she could tell that he knew just how to pleasure a woman. He knew when to give and when to take when to lead and when to follow. He was a god alright, in Everything and she wanted him for herself. All of him. He was the one she needed inside her in this moment. The one whose moans and groans she would love to listen to like her favourite music.

She wanted to feel his firm hands on her body, grazing her skin just like James was doing now. She wanted his lips, his tongue, his eyes. She wanted all of him.

Damn it Lucio! She cussed in her mind. Even in intense pleasure she just couldn't get him out of her fucking mind. He was ruling her body and her soul yet closing that tramp over her. Why couldn't he see that no one was going to love him like she did.

She tried to push James away from her but James was not having it. He knew that it was all the fault of Lucius even if she wouldn't say it. He would not let her go now, he won't let Lucius take her away from him, the one thing he truly loved. He wanted her mind for himself as much as her body was for him now and he wouldn't stop till he got it.

"Let go." Clara whispered harshly but James's turned a deaf ear to her. With all the strength he could muster he held both her hands behind her then he let his lips travel down her body causing her to squirm. His kisses were feathery barely grazing her pale skin. He kissed her chin then her neck and then his lips moved to her breast. He took her left nipple in his mouth and suckled it, causing her to moan out loud then he took her right nipple in her mouth and did the same. Her wrapped her knees around him shuddering with the intensity of his warm lips on her nipple. She could no longer think of anything else but the warmth of his lips.

James impressed with himself tried another trick from the book of great sex masters. He bit her nipple hard blew air on it and sucked firmly. Clara's senses went on overload. She went mad with pleasure. Her skin was on fire, her breasts ached, and lightning danced along every nerve strand. And James wasn't touching anything but her breast and her hands which were still firmly behind her. He took his cock out of her core and watched her squirm wanting it back.

But he would not give it back. He would not have her thinking of another man while he fucked her. It didn't just hurt but it was a bruise to his ego. He was going to make her come with his name on her lips even If it was the last thing he did.

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