39. Betrayal and sex.

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Clara had felt a little bit relieved when her mother had promised to help her. She knew her mother would do anything for her and whatever her mother wanted her mother got.

Only a few people knew it but her mother was one of the most powerful women in the kingdom. She was smart, corny, seductive, deceitful and vicious and what have you. She had her way around the elders and having your way around the elders gave you unlimited power.

Clara was at the stables In a secret room waiting for her lover James. She had a mission for him. To her he was but a puppet who owes her his freedom from that horrible now dead warlock.

She heard a knock on the door and rushed to open it. Time was ticking and she was becoming very much impatient.

Immediately James came in he smashed his lips on hers devouring it. He tore her shirt and his shirt. While she took of his pants he took of hers. They did all this in one second and he entered her the next. That was how intense the need for release was.

Clara liked those who did all she instructed, he was a good slave and he deserved his wages. She liked them submissive and stupid.

James loved Clarissa but he desired Clara, a burning provocative desire. He could not withstand her. She owned him. He knew he was only a puppet to her and she didn't love him, yet he couldn't stay away. There was this force that pulled him to her every single time he tried to stay away. He found that he was powerless against her.

James sometimes feared meeting her. He never knew what she was up to. She could be tricking him to his death, she could be trading him for money, or power. To him she was everything but to her he was nothing. His mind would warn him not to go to her but he wouldn't listen and even if he wanted to listen he didn't have much of a choice.

His body craved Clara and like magnet to iron he couldn't control it. He always ended up going back to her even after he learnt she had been the one who killed his parents and burnt down half his village. Yes, he was stupid. He knew that more than anyone and she knew that too. His love for her made him so and she was using it against him.

Clara arched her back, driving her pelvis into his, and suddenly, James stopped caring if her inviting him after she had been so enraged was a trick or not. The fear that she wanted to kill him for what Clarissa said, disappeared. The knowledge that she wanted to use him to diffuse her rage paled in comparison to his desire for her.

All he wanted and cared about in that moment was her. The noise of their sex, her moan and the heat. He'd have been happy never to listen to her, to stop being helpless when it came to her. He would have been happy if he felt nothing but his body had no mind of it's own.

The spirit be willing but the body weak.

The caress of her mouth as she sucked on his neck felt connected to his cock, and he moved deeper into her. Balls deep. Loving the sound of her cries. It felt so good to be in her he lost his mind.

If she killed him now he would die happy

The scent of her arousal, sweet and musky, rose all around him, ramping up his desire to toss her onto her knees and drive into her until they heated up the tiny cabin with the fury of his lust. And he did just that. No words needed to be exchanged. He only had to pull her hands up a little and she was on her knees exposing her butt to him.

Clara loved to be taken from the back she wished it was Lucius fucking her but she knew It was almost going to be impossible to achieve that now. He never did fuck her even when he had no soul mate let alone now that he had found now the stupid mortal called mate. The only thing they've ever shared was a kiss and she had been with him for more than a century.

She was getting furious and disinterested in James. He was in no comparison to Lucius the one she wanted in her arms now.

James hand tangled in her silky hair, he dropped his other to her butt and hauled her more tightly against him. He could feel her loose interest and swore within himself to bring her back to him. He would kill for her peace of mind the only problem was the person he would have to kill is the only true immortal. God knew how much he hated Lucius. The guy had everything and he had nothing. Even when fucking Clara she Still thought of him.

He didn't know what was so special about Him that held unto everyone's love and allegiance. Even the universe had made him a god. Even the universe loved him. But him the universe hated and made a slave. And the one thing he desired most the one thing he craved most to the point of submission couldn't still be his all because of Lucius.

Clara pushed him away from vexes. She turned around and bit into him. She needed his blood to increase the pleasure she was feeling. She needed to forget the thought of Lucius just for this night.

James knew why she did this and he didn't push her away. On the contrary he loved that she was taking from him. Gosh he loved the feel of it. The pain from her razor sharp blades filled him with intense pleasure. He couldn't have stopped her besides he would heal and refill but she may never need his blood again.

She wrapped her legs against him and pushed deeper into her reaching deep inside her. He lifted them both onto the futon above the ground.

He wanted her to take him as much as she could, as much as she needed, and nothing was better than sex during feeding. When two vampires were connected that way, it was a closed circuit that delivered full-body orgasms like nothing else.

"Keep feeding," he whispered intoxicated. She didn't need him to urge her though he was her slave and it was her intention to feed from him till she's satisfied. She retracted her fangs from his neck and almost immediately bit Down on him again. Deeper. She was angry and turned on.

Two bad combinations for vampire as vicious as she is.

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