38. Say the word.

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Miranda starred at her annoyed at the bullshit she was spilling. She scoffed and glared at her in amazement. Never had she heard someone convincingly sell bullshit like Charlotte just did. First of all that she didn't see anything special in the moon didn't mean that there wasn't anything special about it. Secondly, vampires loved the night and the moon was a big part of it, granted that not all vampires saw it that way but she was sure that she wasn't the only one who felt drawn to the moon.

Charlotte was so stupid it was annoying and more annoying cause even her stupidity and annoying ass was cute to Miranda. She blinked to her and pushed her to the pillar with her arms in her neck. But Charlotte quickly overpowered her pushing her back, hard to the pillar.

"Don't you dare. Don't you ever dare do that again! I am older stronger and faster. I could kill you in my sleep and I'll do it should you try to pull a stunt like this again. You are nothing, no one will look for you, no one." Charlotte growled in a warning tone. Miranda squirmed underneath her, her heart in her mouth. She wasn't afraid of her threat but she was hurt by the words she uttered with such beautiful lips.

And it hurt her all the more because she knew that Charlotte was right. If Charlotte should kill her, she would definitely get away with it. Miranda had no family or friends and the king might not even notice it if she's gone. In fact she was sure he won't notice it. After all she was just another one of his dozen maids who served him and although the king was fair, wise and just there was only so much he can do now that a war was upon them and the kingdom had so many traitors. And considering the fact that she tried so hard to keep away from him so she won't get charmed, she was sure he didn't know her quite well enough to notice her if she went missing.

Besides even if the king should find out Charlotte was more important to the king than she was. Even if he wanted to punish her he would spare her because of her mother. Who's to say now that he has found his soul mate he won't lose all interest in his kingdom. Love was a beautiful thing but it could also lead to stupid decisions and madness.

Like now instead of being so angry with Charlotte and fighting her off she was getting more and more turned on. Who's to say she wasn't as stupid as the other maids. After all the only difference between her and them was her heart didn't belong with the king but belonged to a woman. A woman who thought her as nothing. A woman who she should hate but is instead getting wet for.

Charlotte pressed her neck harder with her elbows, her eyes stayed on hers, she was glaring at her in anger. Miranda felt all the air leave her lungs and she knew she had to do something. To say something. This situation could be to her benefit, she just had to think of how she could make it so it would favour her instead of hurting her. She closed her eyes and then opening it a thought came into her mind and she loved it.

"If I should agree to help you then we get to spend a night together. That's the reward I want. I don't need freedom but you." Miranda choked out. The mere thought of spending one night with Charlotte gave her strength even though her breathing laboured more with anticipation.

She was so amused by the look of surprise on Charlotte's face that if she wasn't choking now she would have burst out laughing. She really hoped that Charlotte would take her offer, it didn't matter what she made her do as long as she could have a night of sin with her. A night where she could finally let out all her guilty pleasures.

Gosh she was so hot for her!

Charlotte quickly let go of her neck and moved back to allow her breathe. She adjusted her own clothe and watched Miranda as she rested on the pillar judiciously taking in air. Her face was expressionless when she spoke. "And why would I do that?" She asked. But, no matter how had she tried to look unaffected a blush crept up her face. She was flushed and even her blank expression and disinterested voice couldn't keep it out. She never expected Miranda to say it outright that she wanted her.

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