36. The moon is heavenly.

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As Charlotte passed the maid's quarters she could hear some of the maids crying and some sniffing. She knew they all had their hopes up. Stupid dumb people just like her! They all believed in fairy tales where the king falling for his maid. Now she thought about it, it was laughable but who is to say that the kings soulmate wasn't even a Maid.

She should have known better than to hope for a fairy tale love with the King. They all should have known better. Every maid and in fact more than average of the female vampire population wished the king would be there soul mate. Many had had to believe that the prophesy was all false just to keep their hope alive.

For a long time no matter who tried the King had no interest in women or in love. Soon enough his admirers got tired of being rejected and stopped trying. This was not until the prophecy was made a century ago vampires started to hope again.

She saw one maid at a pillar resting her head back on it. The maid was looking intently at the moon like she was an astrologer. She was fixated by the moon.

Charlotte immediately recognized her and wondered why she was not with the other maids who were sobbing their eyes out. But then she already knew the answer, she was different.

The maids hands were folded on her chest. She was acting like she was in a trance, her gaze did not falter as she stared at the moon. Her name was Miranda and it was safe to say that she was the fairest of all the other Maids.

Her hair was as dark as charcoal and so were her eyes. Her pale skin had a shin to it that illuminated her complexion. She had just the Perfect oval shaped face, and slightly big round boobs. She was really pretty and hot for a maid. Charlotte admired her and other maids envied her, greatly envied her. Because not only was she beautiful, she knew it and took pride in it. Miranda was a loner. She hardly spoke to anyone and did not Interact well with other Maids. All of them concluded that it was because she felt too proud because of her beauty. Maybe she did.

She thinks she's better than us all l she forgets she's also a Maid like us. She's not even Charlotte and yet she's so proud. They said.

Charlotte knew better, she guessed that Miranda didn't just like talking and was just a quiet type. It was safe to say that Miranda was quite the bad introvert with a little bit of arrogance. When Charlotte saw Miranda sometimes she had the feeling that she was fighting a lot of demons. She often wondered what it was that Miranda's demons whispered to her in her quiet time. It must be why she loved to stay in a peaceful place away from the crowd because she wanted to hear their whispers. She looked at Miranda again and she felt something, something she could not recognize.

Charlotte knew the quiet ones could be the most dangerous and Miranda could just be a traitor for all she knew but then a part of her was still drawn to the woman resting on the pillar. A part of her she couldn't resist.

She needed someone to help her If she was to succeed in destroying the female mortal, the imposter trying to take her place on the throne. She needed someone as smart and deceitful as she was if she was going to get things done. She knew that Miranda was smart but if she was deceitful, that she had no idea of. But she had to try her, she couldn't afford to take her issues to a dumb maid.

Charlotte wanted the throne and she had worked hard for it even pretending to be nice and good to the extent of being a maid along with her mother when she knew with her looks she could be more. She was Damn beautiful, tall and elegant and most vampire aristocrats admired her. But she had stayed behind working for the king in the hopes that one day he would chose her over Clara. Turns out it wasn't Clara who was going to take him away from her in the end but a human.

She was devastated, regret driving her to an edge if only she knew she would have gotten married to Mathew the better of all of her suitors and one of the most wealthy vampires. She would have been a Lady as of now with diamond necklace around her neck and her own servants. But, she wanted the king and refused to settle for less. Ambition was going to be her undoing should she fail to conjure a plan. She was not going to give up like the other women. She deserved the king more than all of them.

"Hi." Charlotte said to Miranda, finally deciding to approach her. She stood by the side of the pillar watching the moon. She wanted to know what was so fascinating about it that Miranda seemed to be enchanted by it. But she couldn't figure out just one thing special about the moon except that it dominated the night.

Miranda immediately felt Charlotte's presence and her mouth watered. She couldn't believe her luck, Charlotte was standing next to her this very minute. She opened her eyes slowly afraid that it was all a dream another one of her imaginations taking a body just to torment her.

But from the corner of her eyes she could see Charlotte staring down at her. She swallowed. Her first question was going to be why Charlotte was standing next to her but then she thought it was better she asked what she wanted because everyone knew that when Charlotte was nice to someone she wanted a favor.

Charlotte looked down at Miranda who she was so much taller than. Her face was blank but she wasn't fooling Charlotte. Charlotte knew Miranda loved the king, they all did. Didn't they? That is the only reason why Miranda looked love stricken now.

There could not be another reason could they? But the emptiness in her eyes looked too real. Miranda immediately tore her eyes away from Charlotte and continued to fix her eyes on the moon. Hoping that when she ignored her long enough she would leave. She couldn't afford to stay so close to her for so long.

Charlotte was greatly mistaken about Miranda. She was of the opinion that the love stricken face she had on had everything to do with the king just like hers. She decided to use it to get Miranda's help in executing her plan.

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