35. She will be your Queen.

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"Did you hear that scream mother?"

Charlotte asked looking up to meet her mother's eyes, her brows furrowed in confusion. She was helping her mother sew new clothes for the king and they were both seated on an armchair close to the fireplace enjoying the evening breeze. The palace had never felt so calm and serene for a long time. They were discussing and enjoying the night together before the screams startled them.

They were in there own little home in the palace and as such the screams were louder to them. Very much loud.

"Oh my God." Sarah grinned standing up but not letting the clothes drop. The robe she was sewing belonged to her king. "She has been bound."

Sarah said all smiles and her daughter looked at her irritatedly. Her brows lifted up In confusion her face contorted. "What do you mean by she has been bound, who has?"

"Lucius has been bound to his soulmate that human girl he brought. The one you sent clothes to. Don't you remember her?"

"You've got to be kidding me of course I do remember her. Who could forget someone so weak and clueless." Charlotte scoffed rolling her eyes in disgust. "Mother, you know what this means! We are going to have a human Queen by morning. A human cannot be our Queen mum." Charlotte shouted pacing. "This is unbelievable we are done for! There is no way we can win this war now with her as Queen. What is Lucius thinking? I saw her and there was nothing special about her absolutely nothing, she was just another African girl."

"You don't even know her and you've concluded that there is nothing special about her after you've seen her for only one minute or two. Charlotte my dear I never expected you to be so judgemental."

"Mother I'm not. I'm only looking out for us, for this kingdom. You and me know that vampires do not serve weakness they prey on them."

"That she's human doesn't mean she's weak." Sarah said sitting back down on her arm chair. Her daughter just killed her happiness. "Don't you want the king to be happy, for so long he has lived his life for us. He too deserves a mate."

"Not a human mate mum." Charlotte insisted. She was the one who jumped up from her chair now too tensed and angry to seat. "And she's nobody. Nobody as a human. If he wanted a nobody other than that bitch Clara, why didn't he come to me. I've worked for him faithful all this time. We could work at least I'm no mortal."

Sarah chuckled then she laughed. "You've got to be kidding me, the king and you. Common!"

"It does sound ridiculous to you right? That's how ridiculous all this sounds to me and probably everyone in the kingdom." She scoffed. For some reason she could feel her soul bleed. Why her? Why a human, she's nothing. Why not me? Why am I never good enough. She was going to say.

"The prophecy said that she will be the strongest warlock ever seen. Her powers may just be hidden. Besides we have no choice in this matter we are only but workers in this palace and she has already been bound to the King." Sarah sighed resting back on the arm chair. She continued with her sewing her eyes focussed on the fireplace. "Look Charlotte you will find love but it just won't ever be with the king so you just have to get whatever you are feeling over with."

"I can not bow to a mortal. What is so special about her huh?"Charlotte hissed angrily. Her mother was tired of hearing her complain and hiss. She started to even become scared because someone may be hearing them now and could report them to the king. She had to stop her daughter from uttering anymore blasphemy against the king or his wife.

Sarah sped to her daughter pushing her against the wall so she hit it with a loud thump. While the cotton and thread were on one hand she pushed Charlotte to the wall with the other, then she pressed hard against her neck cutting her air supply.

The wall did not dent as the wall of the palace made of the strongest and finest of stones. Only a push from a powerful vampire could dent it and by powerful vampire it included only the king and elders. "You will bow to your Queen and will not disobey your Queen! You will respect her, love her and obey her! That's the duty of a Santos to serve the king and his future Queen and you will do that!" Sarah said in her daughters face with a frown, her teeth gritted. Her furious eyes gave no room for defilement. "We owe Lucius everything and to God the way I saw him smitten by her he will kill anyone who disrespects her." Sarah swore and paused. "I____ do___ not____want___ to__ loose you" she continued, pronouncing each word with clarity and to the last letter for effect. "Do you understand me?"

"Yes mother I do. I will not disobey the Queen." Charlotte choked out a reply. Her eyes pleading to her mother to let her go. Her mother had never been so rough with her, never. She wondered what it was that got into her today, was she scared?

"Good she is your queen now so keep to that or it won't be the king who would discipline you, it will be me."

Sarah warned, Charlotte nodded trying to get air into her lungs, her mother's eyes gave no room for options. Sarah let go of her after a few seconds. She then blinked back to the arm chair to continue with her sewing although she was still infuriated. "I don't need your help here anymore not for tonight. You have angered me. Go to sleep." She snorted not sparing her daughter as much as a glance.

"Goodnight mum." Charlotte drawled trying to sound annoying and not annoyed. She blinked to her mother and kissed her on her cheek. Then she sped out of the room in anger. Sarah sighed immediately her daughter left, she was so scared of losing her. Nothing was more important to her than her daughter.

She just hoped that everything will turn out like the prophecy said, because even though the king was bound to his mate, it was true that vampires did not serve weakness. They could also never be able to believe that a human is strong enough to rule. Her loyalty would always be with Lucius and she would always respect all his decisions but she cannot say the same for every vampire even her own daughter.

To them humans were just food.

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