34. The night is completed.

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She shook her head in understanding of his words. The thought of being bound to another scared her but then thinking back she had no life before this night. Her life was boring and sad and she was sure that even if she didn't go back home no one would look for her.

The man before her was going to give her a life other than the sad one she has had, she wanted to be bound to him forever. She didn't want to leave him. "Bind me to you. Soul for soul, heart for heart, body for body, mind for mind. Blood for blood."

He squeezed his eyes shut feeling an intense warmth at her acceptance. He felt his eyes water. She had accepted him after what he did. Her purity enchanted him. "I am bound to you Monica. I own you and you own me. You are mine as well as I am yours. Soul for soul, heart for heart, body for body, mind for mind. Blood for blood."

She held him very still as the ropes drew into her and they both screamed a scream the whole kingdom heard. A scream that tore through them. Binding them. His blood-lust returned and his fangs descended fully.

"Take all of me Lucius. Please." Monica begged. He pressed his cock against her opening and pushed harder than he intended. His control slipped.

Monica screamed. Tears falling down her cheeks. The pain from his penetration so mind blowing it was like he tore into her.

"Oh my God! oh my God! I'm sorry."

Lucius pleaded. He tried to pull out but she held him back.

"No don't. Don't. Pull out. Be in me." She begged. "I'm not weak."

"But you are in pain." He countered.

"Please I need this. Don't stop." She whispered arching her back so the pain reduced and he entered into her deeper. Not his whole length but considerably. Lucius moaned a sensuous moan. Their eyes remained glued as he started moving into her gently. Monica felt the pain but she also felt pleasure and freedom. She planted her hands on Lucius shoulders and sunk her nails in. The bond they shared sent her Into such powerful pleasure, such need that she cried out.

The pain reduced with each thrust. After some time it became so mild it was then almost non existent. All she felt became intense pleasure. She felt like she was in another world the only inhabitants Lucius and her.

As he pushed into her, she gripped him tight, tugging on him, her body was now so close to release that her breathing came in heavy gulps.

Her neck throbbed as her vein begged for his fangs to go in deeper to fill her with such intense pain and yet terrifying pleasure.

The razor sharp point stung, but she didn't care. He had consumed her and taken her all to himself. The pleasure now was nothing like the pain she felt when he bit her the first time. Although there was still pain she was aware of all that he was doing this time and she wanted this.

Lucius pressed further, his fangs digging in her in a quick jab. He retracted his fangs almost immediately so she wouldn't lose so much blood as this was the second time he was feeding on her this night. He wanted to save her because to him she was more important than his hunger. He loved her and as such he could not be selfish with her. He knew that if he took anymore from her blood it could intoxicate him and he won't know how to stop if he let himself be consumed by her thirst.

The momentary pain Monica felt disappeared replaced by strong pulls at her neck but the pleasure didn't. She sensed how much he craved her blood, the depth of his hunger, and that she fulfilled a powerful, life-sustaining need. She wrapped her legs around his hips, crossing her ankles and pushing against him as he drove into her.

She had wanted this for so long, the sex. Now, she was thankful for waiting. What he gave her could not be explained or replaced. His intentions toward her were all pure and it drove her mad with love. She had believed strongly that sex should be only when there is love and this, this felt so surreal it was like a fairy tale. Her own fairytale.

He was king and she will be queen.

What great pleasure it was for her to feel Lucius driving into her very essence, connecting physically with her and feasting on her blood. Her hips pushed against his with each thrust. She was so close. Her fingers squeezed the rippling muscles of his shoulders and his arms. She focused on the feel of his cock moving in and out of her, a piston driving hard. Her breathing hitched.

So close.

She could still feel pain. The pain that came with it being her first time But she didn't want to stop him neither did she want to slow him. She wanted him to go at his own pace to enjoy it as much as she enjoyed it. She wanted to give him satisfaction. And even as he entered into her fully she didn't want him out.

He drove faster and the moment he did, her body gripped him and a powerful release began. Lightning strikes of pleasure streaked over all the folds of her flesh and up inside her so that she was pulling on him now.

The sensations continued and her orgasm kept pulsing so that her soft cries grew louder rising to the obsidian ceiling.

Lucius shoved harder now, his length and girth hitting her even deeper than before. A second release arrived, powering over the first so that she came screaming and thrashing on the bed. He finally let go of her neck. He arched and thrust with tremendous force, grunting. He groaned, his eyes squeezed shut, as he released into her.

He looked so beautiful lying exhausted by her side, his long hair moving with his body, his white skin shiny with sweat. As he opened his eyes, the grey green shade was back.

He eased down onto her, his lips parted, his hair settling on her arms and neck.

"My God Monica." he breathed onto her neck. He fell down on top of her his head in between her bosom.

She took a deep sigh then rested her head back on the pillow. She started playing with his hair. It was longer than hers reaching up to his waist. So soft and curly. The color fascinated her, his hair was so dark with few strands of brown and yellow.

"Thank you." Lucius whispered closing his eyes.

Monica's heart leapt for joy and her smile was infectious. "For What?" She asked softly unable to dispel the smile that was plastered on her face.

Lucius rose his head up and stared into her brown shy eyes. "For coming into my life. You have given me life Monica. You are my soul as I am yours." He said and kissed her. She held him tight embracing him in the kiss.

"You are my soul too." She whispered, placing a kiss on his lips.

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