33. Open your legs for me.

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He trailed kisses to her neck his chest pressing on hers so that his heart beat matched with her. She moaned harshly clutching his shirt with her small hands. The throbbing in her core increased and she wanted him in her. His finger, his tongue or his cock anything to relieve her of the maddening desire she felt.

He lifted himself up now supporting his legs with his knees. He stared at her and her eyes gave him the go ahead he needed. He tore her gown along with her panties. Then he took of his pants leaving on only his shirt.

Monica gasped when she saw the length of his cock. She wanted to ask how it was possible that he could enter her. His cock was long, thick and veiny and was damn hard. Hard for her.

She didn't know when she involuntarily licked her lips. She blushed when she looked up to see him watching her intently. He would think her a slut but she was in fact a Virgin. Not an innocent one though.

For a Virgin she was quite exposed she had given blow jobs to her ex who had deeply exposed her in to the world sex. She had done every erotic things with him but had wanted her husband to be the first one to feel the pleasure of her vagina. He was going to marry her, he promised to but then he left. Remembering him saddened her a little but she was too turned on to keep him consistent in her thoughts.

Lucius noticed her brows creasing and the soft edges now showing on her face. She bent down with the intent of pleasuring her. A soft gasp escaped from Monica's lips but it quickly turned to a moan of intense mind blowing pleasure when Lucius took her left breast in his mouth while pressing the right and sucked on it.

"Lucius, oh my God!" She screamed. She felt the rush of pleasure that moved from her breast to her stomach. She had reached a shocking climax and there was no going back now. His lips worked wonders to her mind and body, that even her mind started to agree with her body.

Lucius moved to her right breast applying the same pleasure he did on the left. "please." She cried. She didn't know what she was begging for. She only felt the need to beg because the pleasure he gave was too much for her to handle. Her core throbbed endlessly.

Tears of pleasure fell down her cheeks as her breathing became harsh. Her head was thrown back and her pupils dilated.

"Open your eyes for me please. Let me see the desired in them." Lucius pleaded as he took her lips again. He had felt his own climax when she did. Her screams sending unending waves of pleasure to his cock. He had come fast and hard with a groan of his own and now he feared that he had hurt her. "Please." He pleaded again when she didn't respond.

She was so deep in pleasure that she couldn't hear him. He felt an overwhelming happiness that he had given his soul mate that much pleasure. But he needed to be sure that it was indeed pleasure. He wanted to do right by her. He wanted her to tell him that she loved this.

Monica opened her eyes slowly tears falling from it as she did.

"Tears of pleasure?" He asked, his eyes pleading for an answer. Monica couldn't speak and she knew it. She didn't even try to speak her voice was clogged as so many emotions ran through her, the most outstanding being intense pleasure.

So in reply she nodded. He smiled and kissed her cheeks licking her tears, moaning against her cheeks. His cock grazed her upper belly and she shivered. She moaned again holding him to her, griping his shirt like it was the rope to her life. Then she came again with a loud moan now gasping for air. He hadn't even used his cock and yet he had made her come twice. He definitely was the king of pleasure and she was so lucky to have him.

She was still gasping for air, her eyes glued in his. He bent down and kissed her deeply, taking her bottom lips in his he sucked it torturing it with his teeth. She moaned into his mouth and he could feel his control wear off. Lucius tore of his shirt in an instant. "I must enter you now." he warned her begging for permission. He didn't want to hurt her.

She nodded in understanding but she knew as much as he did that gestures weren't enough. A promise came softly from her lips as she spread her knees wider for him." Take me because from this moment I'm yours."

Settling between her legs, he balanced on his forearms.He shook with anticipation and need. His body was coiled, his chest on fire, his heart now a mallet swinging inside his chest. "By the great sun, it has never been like this."

"Never?" Monica asked still in a cloud of her own desire.

Her body had begun to writhe beneath his. Her sex smelled so sweet and beckoning. Lucius wanted to suckle her again going low but his other needs were too great.


Much to his surprise, he felt his invisible binding tendrils release from his shoulders and arms, his legs, even his buttocks. He had felt this when he kissed her in the forest and when he was alone with her in the dining. Every time he saw her his body craved to be bound to her, there was no resisting it.

"What is that sensation?" she asked. "Like fingers rippling over my skin."

"The invisible binding ropes. I am so sorry, Monica I have waited for you for such a long time a century to be precise. The prophecy promised me a soul mate one who would be bound to me. I have waited so long to feel this pleasure. The pleasure my people who have been bound to their mates felt. I want this my body cannot resist it. My body feels a need to bind you to me I can't control it."

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