32. You can drink from me.

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She caught on to his eyes as they travelled her whole body in desire but her eyes quickly diverted to his lips again. She wanted to taste them so bad. The pleasure she had gotten from it so mind blowing that she wanted more and more but the fact that she wanted more from him wasn't what scared her the most and made her shiver. What scared her the most was her desire to have his teeth buried in her neck. She felt like she was going through a dark path and accepting it. Like darkness was sipping through her with every touch of his and she was letting the darkness remain in her. She felt lost and confused. Her heart and mind at war. But she knew one thing for sure she desired him.

Lucius looked deeply into her eyes causing her to shiver. She could feel something was wrong. His eyes for the first time held fear.

"What is it?"she asked. "I can see that something’s worrying you. Have I done something wrong. Please tell me." She cupped his chin desiring to stare deep into his eyes for am answer. But he looked away from her ashamed.

"Lucius look at me." She pleaded and he did just that. He couldn't disobey her not when she finally called his name. His name on her lips felt unearthly.

He met her gaze and she appeared startled. He knew why. His eyes were probably all black now pupils non existent. He wanted her so much with every fibre of his being and every drop of blood in his body, he yearned for her.

She removed her hands from his chin then placed it on her chest so she could hear her heart beat. "Your eyes they are dark."

He nodded. “I must have your blood, Monica. Do you understand? I have been starving of blood. And after I tasted yours in the forest I want more. I need more. Every fibre of my being, every muscle desires to taste you."

He stretched out over her and pushed her hand away from her throat. He caressed her neck, thumbing the vein, encouraging it to rise for him. "Tell me you understand and that I may drink from you. I promise not to hurt you but if you fear too much then you may refuse."

She was panting but she knew that as much as he scared her to have him feeding from her, she wanted it in fact she desire it.

I understand." She stuttered. "Take from me. All that you need, all that you desire. I want it too and I trust that you won't harm me."

He groaned at her words. His balls were so tight,his cock hard for her. His jaw trembled. His body arched over hers, his cock rigid and ready. He had to have her in his bed now. He wanted to taste her but he didn't want to do it here, he wanted it to be on his bed, in his chambers. He wanted to bind her to him. He was not going to let her go not now that he had finally after all this years found her.

One second Monica was in the dining and the next she found herself in the familiarity of Lucius bed Chambers. He had carried her in his arms and brought her here in a second. He placed her gently on his bed already missing the feel of her on his arms.

Even In his haze of lust, desire and want he still cared more for her and her safety. She could see that. It meant a great deal to her that he didn't rush or push because he constantly made himself aware of her weakness. She decided then and there she was going to give all of her to him because after her parents died this was the closest she had felt to real love. She thought no one deserved her more not when they all leave and are buried in self desires.

He earned her love, her heart, her mind, body and soul with that little gesture and in one night. But maybe she gave it to him freely without him earning it because as much as he was drawn to her she too was drawn to him in the most crazy way and she knew that even if she didn't accept him her body would do that for her.

Lucius stared at the goddess before him. He had never wanted anything more and had never thought anything more beautiful. She was staring up at him watching his every move." Do you want me?" He asked kneeling in between her legs his eyes not leaving hers.

She didn't respond immediately. His eyes were sending her into an abyss of desire and all she wanted to do was quench it.

"Yes. Yes I do." She stuttered. Her heart was beating so fast she feared it would leave her finally, she won't be surprise if it did after all the pressure she had put on it today. This was going to be a night of sin and she didn't know if she was prepared.

"Say the word." He whispered breathing in deeply. "Say that you want me." It was a plea that she very much understood. God! she wanted him so much she could feel her core throb in anticipation. She wondered what it would feel like to have a vampire in her.

"I want you. I want you Lucius," She whispered and that was all the invitation he needed. He bent down and took her lips in his gently biting her bottom lip till he drew out blood. Then he sucked on it. Her blood entering his mind shutting it down, his cock hardening. He became eager for more, more of her, more of her blood but he was willing to take his time. He wanted to commit everything to memory, every kiss and every bite. Every word and every touch. Today he was going to be bound to his mate and he was going to remember every second of it for eternity.

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