31. I cannot resist you.

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Their eyes were glued together both refusing to look away from the other. They were drawn together by whatever force that had made them soulmates. Her neck was beginning to hurt from looking up at him so she removed her gaze and focused them now on the food waiting for her to devour. She took in deep breathes her mouth parted, she was scared to lick her lips, afraid she would taste him and then want more.

She stood up after she had filled her lungs with a much needed air. "I.. Can't. I've never. This is not right." She stuttered. She tried to move past him but he wouldn't have that. He held her arms stopping her on her tracks. His hands on hers reminded her of when he had held her legs. Even at the point of death and unconscious he still claimed her. He held her to him and stopped her from leaving. She could struggle, she should but she found that her body was listening to his silent commands and her mind soon became helpless.

Her back was turned to him but he didn't want to let her go. He knew the selfless thing to do will be to let her go but he couldn't. It felt like if he did then he would lose his breath and finally he would give in to the pain that threatened all these years to swallow him whole. "Don't leave now please." Lucius begged. His voice although powerful was laced with so much plea.

His plea was so soft and genuine it sent Monica's heart racing and her mind shut down. She could no longer serve two masters it was either she went with her heart or her mind and she found that her heart seemed to be more powerful or maybe, just maybe she gave it the power. She smiled, a ghost of a smile that disappeared quickly and then she so turned back eager to look at those grey eyes again. Her heart was indeed stronger.

"I thought you were the king." She smirked.. "Kings do not beg for things they take them."

"For you I'll be a slave. I'll worship at your altar Monica." He Whispered harshly. He pulled her to him so her back rested on the chair and he a few inches away from her. "Only let me love you."

Monica closed her eyes as he spoke. She was savouring the moment. His bass voice so seductive it intoxicated her. His voice was like a virus, a drug, an alcohol. The more she listened to it the more she got drunk. The closer he was the more her heart started to race. Her heart fought to be let out hitting her rib with a vengeance. She found that she had forgotten how to breathe.

He lowered his neck and placed a feathery kiss on her neck. When he did that she lost all her sense of reasoning. His lips grazed her neck like a feather will, brushing the surface and turning her on. She felt like blood was going to her head and her core throbbed so bad she craved for relief. She pulled his head up and smashed her lips against his devouring his lips. Lucius took over the kiss immediately exploring each turn of her lips with his tongue. She was pressed so close to him the two could have been one body both fighting with their lips to devour the other.

After a minute Lucius stopped to let her breath. He looked into dark brown eyes, glittering with passion, and he trembled. Her lips were red and her face flushed with a tiny hint of blush that made him want to taste her right then and there. He could hardly think. He had not expected to ever be so smitten even by his soulmate. He remembered how he felt When he awoke that evening only to smell her presence. Victor had without knowledge thrown him into the arms of his mate. He never imagined that he would see her there that night just at his reach almost when he would have died like the prophesy foretold.

He had expected to die, he expected a lot but one of them wasn't to see her. He felt himself dying when Victor stabbed him at the back. He had wished silently for his people to some how survive and he had been heard. She was sent to him the most beautiful woman he had ever seen just at the time he lost faith in her existence.

He could not understand how he felt for this human, how her lips ignited fire in him and her skin burned him with passion. Never had he seen a pair of eyes as beautiful as hers. She did not know that she was a goddess, so beautiful, her eyes large and luminous, her complexion full of life and health, just like the sun, the opposite of his own. And her blood, mon dieu, scented like the earth after rainfall.

His heart pounded in his chest. His need for her blood began to call to him and his fangs once more throbbed in his mouth. He would frighten her if she saw them. But he could not help himself. He was blood-starved. And her blood had in them magic. Magic that was his to take.

If her blood could heal him, if her blood could give him life then she was magic. He wanted to bond her to him, to claim her, to own her. He wanted her all to himself, to give her all of him and take all of her so they be joined for eternity, Soul for soul, body for body, blood for blood.

Eternity was so short a time to spend with her but he was willing to start with that. He looked down at her, his gaze raking her body in the most seductive manner ever. He stretched forward and kissed her nose.

Monica had been trying to catch her breath. She was worried and scared. Lucius didn't know she had seen his fangs.

He is going to kill you.

No he won't. If he wanted to he would have already. Let go Monica and live.

But he's not human.

Who cares?

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