30. Baby come closer.

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"You should come over here you are so far away." Lucius screamed startling Monica who was lost in thought. His eyes hadn't left Monica all this while. All the while she ate he had watched her but the fact that she was so far away from him was causing his heart to ache. He wanted her close to him even if he wasn't going to be able to touch her, only being around her would be enough for him. Her presence was more than enough.

"I'm eating." She muttered to herself and although Lucius heard her he still wanted to be close to her. He didn't want to rush her yet his body was responding to her so bad without his minds consent. It was that his body craved to be close to her and he couldn't control this desire.

Monica's legs shook so did her hands. Before her was a banquet and for one who loved to eat as much as she did it was supposed to be a dream come through for her but Instead she found that she was in a dilemma. Nothing was making sense. She didn't need food but answers.

The meal before her ranged from pancake, seasoned chicken, beef, prawn and all types of food laid there waiting for her to devour. They didn't know what to make for her so they must have made anything they thought humans ate and enjoyed.

She did like the varieties of food before her though. If it wasn't for the circumstances she was currently in she would have eaten to her hearts content and then stored the rest of the food. She believed strongly that food was life and here she was thinking otherwise. Because right now she was so confused she was beginning to doubt if she was really alive. Maybe God is just playing a prank on me and I'm already dead. She thought bitterly. She drew in deep breaths and exhaled.

Not only was her life in danger but she couldn't breath properly. Lucius was taking her breath away and she was practically shaking from desire. She wanted him in her arms or her in his whichever way. Even though everything was so confusing to her what the man across the table made her feel became the icing to the cake of her confusion.

She didn't want to be so far from him but after seeing what he did to Clara she thought it best to stay away.

He did that for you idiot. she was hurting you he practically almost killed his kind for you.

He almost killed me too.

But he brought you here remember. He brought you to his bedchamber which yoi could see was probably a first for him. Why not let go and feel.

I can't what if He hurts me. And how can you tell me to let go and feel. I don't even have the slightest clue of what's going on here.

Her mind and her heart were fighting again.

"You seem lost." Lucius whispered. He had appeared behind Monica so fast she didn't notice, coupled with the fact that her mind wasn't present in the dining. He placed his hand on her chair as he bent down to whisper in her ears. "What are you thinking about?" He just couldn't no longer wait for her to come to him so he came to her.

Monica felt like a Jolt of electricity passed from him to her. Her heart started to beat fast. She didn't know if it was as a result of desire, fear, or Inquisition.

She became a quivering mess as she threw her head back so her lips touched his neck. He kissed her cheeks holding her close to him his hands around her neck. He sent a trail of kisses from her cheek down to her lips. His kiss was demanding, passionate and savouring. He was demanding for her submission and she was more that willing to give it to him. Her mouth parted to give him entrance.

His tongue grazed the corner of her lips teasing her. She mourned into his mouth squirming. If he tried to make love to her then and there she wouldn't and couldn't resist.

Monica's moan sent Lucius to the end of it all. His tongue found it's way into her mouth as he sucked on her bottom lip.

"Lucius! oh my God!" She moaned. He hadn't touched her yet and she could already feel herself reach orgasm. His kisses were orgasmic. It blew her mind away making her loose all her senses and ability to speak. But then this wasn't right none of this was. If it were to be in any other circumstance she wouldn't have had been so thoughtful of the consequences seeing that she was drawn to him as much as he was drawn to her. But one question still bothered her.

What the hell is going on?

She tried so hard to steady her breath but with him still near her it was almost impossible. She could feel every hair on her skin stand as goosebumps decorated her skin evenly. Her breath came out in hushed whispers as her insides tightened with the proximity of his closeness. He was so close, so near so damning cold she shivered.

"I want you so damn much." He moaned in her mouth giving her time to breath. She almost started to hyperventilate, her eyes pricked with incoming tears of confusion and weakness. He was making her weak and she hated every damn second of it and loved it with equal propensity. Her hands were eager to touch him. She felt the effect of his closeness right down in her core, she warned him, her whole body craved him but her mind was not in agreement with her body and her heart and she agreed with it but could not do as it wanted because him close to her was breaking all her available defenses.

He moved away from her, stepping a few inches back because he could see the struggle on her face. He didn't want to, God! He hated being apart from her for even a second not when he was so close to having her, so close to finally being with his soulmate. But she needed him to back off and he had promised himself when the prophecy was revealed that he was going to be selfless with his soul mate. That was during the time he hoped and believed in one and now that she was here his faith for all those waiting years favoured, the last thing he wanted to do was ruin his chances with her.

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