29. Powerful but crazy.

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She gave them a once over again she had to decide if they were worth her time but they were if they were with Elijah. If Elijah had come to her instead of handling whatever issue they had on his own then it was definitely a big issue. He was a fairly good witch, a witch of the second order and he could handle any trouble or favour regarding humans, except the trouble he was facing now was from another supernatural. Hopefully not a warlock because if then she wouldn't use the help she was going to render to them for her own benefits.

"Follow me." She gestured with her hands. She didn't look back to see if they obeyed. She knew they would, she had scared them indeed. She could hear their footsteps behind her as she climbed the stairs.

Michael hit Adrian's hand subtly when he noticed that he was staring at the woman's ass despite what she had just put them through. "What the hell do you think you're doing." Michael mouthed shooting his brother daggers from his eyes. Adrian shrugged and grinned evilly.

They let her enter the room first and after some seconds followed suit. Elijah was now very hesitant, without his powers he was of no use and there was no telling what Jessica could do to them. There were no limits to her madness. He knew he shouldn't have come to her in the first place but now it was already late. He hoped with all his heart that they did get out of her clutches alive.

She was seated on a chair in the far end of the room and her eyes were closed shut when they entered. The Aura in the room was tense and choking. The men glared at each other no one willing to say anything to her in fact Michael was thinking of running you know, to save the fight for another day.

Elijah shook his head in disappointment. They had thrown him the ball and hung him out to dry with their silence. He didn't even know why he was helping them in the first place. Yes, he owed Adrian one but that one was definitely not worth his life. "We need to get someone out of the McReynolds pack house."

Jessica opened her eyes. "You need my help to find his missing lover or to avenge yours?" She asked opening her eyes. Her eyes met with Elijah's. Michael and Adrian turned to face him when Jessica had asked what he asked. Elijah looked away from them he knew what they were going to think now, that he knowingly sent them out to die to avenge his lover but he didn't and he wouldn't allow any misconceptions about his good intentions.

"It's not about revenge." Elijah objected shaking his head. "It's about doing what's right. You have to save her. I'm not asking that you kill the Alpha I'm asking that you save a pregnant woman. He is too damaged to love her. Too damaged to be with her. She doesn't belong there and she has tried to leave but from what I see she's just about to be cornered, he might kill her to make a point."

"I have no reason to care about the alpha's human mate." Jessica scoffed.

"I love her please you have to save her. I'll do anything you ask of me, anything." Michael pleaded.

"Remember this promise Michael because even though doing this for you is going to cost be nothing, I'm still going to collect and when I do want to, you had better not say no." Jessica nodded at him and then Elijah. Michael shuddered but nodded back. She glanced over at Adrian and he smirked. She ignored him.

Then slosed her eyes and mumbled spells. The room started to shake and the fire lit up higher. Immediately they appeared in the forest where a tired Gloria and an afraid Jacob stood.

"Michael!" Gloria shouted, astonished to see him In front of her. He was as dazed to see her as dazed as she was to see him. He rushed to her immediately not caring to take in were he was.

Jacob watched the both of them shocked. He didn't remember asking any human for help. He got to his feet carrying his backpack and hers up. He didn't care where help came from as long as it did.

The alpha was already closing in on them and even if he did not kill Gloria he definitely was going to kill him and make her suffer while she watched. He couldn't let him break her.

"Gloria you are alive." Michael whispered into her ears. She wrapped her hands tight around him again, relieved to see someone she actually knew after three months even though he was an ass.

Just then the alpha came in sight half man, half wolf. He was surrounded by the crescent pack, his most powerful alliance all of them half transformed. By his side was Aiko. They stood few kilometers away.

"Gloria is not alone." Noah growled. "Who are they?" He asked turning to Aiko. Aiko tried to use magic to find our but she was stopped from doing anything when a figure appeared in front of Gloria.

"Jessica." Aiko mumbled. Her hands shook in fear, her heart beat hard against her chest. She never should have followed the alpha because now, now that Jessica had seen her it won't be long before she comes for her and her mother. Her mother was so going to kill her now.

She looked at Noah from the corner of her eyes and Noah's eyes widened in shock. He didn't have to ask her, he already knew why she was scared. The only person who could make the Japanese witch shake in fear was her leader.

He understood the fear in her eyes but he could not let his mate go without a fight.

"Stand back every one." He ordered, moving forward alone. This was his fight. Michael was holding Gloria's hand now their hands intertwined. Jessica stood in front of them and Adrian beside Elijah. When alpha Noah got to where they stood they all glared at him in anger.

"She's my mate." Noah stated trying to reason with Jessica. "She belongs to me, she belongs here."

"You don't deserve a mate. So I'll take her from you." Jessica grinned. She stretched out her hands daring the alpha to take another step.

Noah looked over at Gloria. He would have ripped Michael apart had it not been for Jessica's protection. How dare him touch his mate! How dare him!

Noah locked eyes with Gloria and her expression softened but she immediately looked away in anger. He thought she felt the way he did, he thought she wanted to be with him but he was oblivious to the fact that she was simply tired that's why her expression softened.

"Gloria tell her you want to come with me" Noah pleaded with his eyes.

Gloria laughed heartily. "You crazy son of a bitch! I'll be back and when I do I'll kill you and it wont be without making you suffer." Gloria stated, her eyes blazing with anger.

"She doesn't want to be with you." Jessica smiled loving the horror in his eyes. She was now In control, she could definitely not imagine her luck. "That will be all." And in a heart beat they were back to her home leaving behind a screaming alpha. He had lost his mate because of his fear and pain.

As for Jessica, she just found her leverage.

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