28. We can't run, not now.

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When they got to the door a woman came out dressed in a black long gown with a hood over her head. Her skin was tanned definitely African, and her brown eyes pierced through them. She looked so small and harmless that Michael looked over at Elijah in curiosity. This could definitely not be the woman he was so afraid of, the woman standing before them now could definitely not hurt a fly. Michael thought. Elijah could read his eyes and he shook his head, indeed looks could be deceiving.

"So to what do I owe this pleasure, three handsome men at my doorsteps in a cold evening, the gods must have finally remembered me." She finally spoke her eyes staring into the distance. She wasn't looking at anyone of them but they could feel her eyes on them. Michael shuddered, taking one glance at her again he could see that there was something not right about her, a dark Aura. None of them could utter a word.

"I think it is us the gods favour. To be met by such a beautiful woman is great pleasure and to know her name would even be more." Adrian drawled, breaking the tensed silence. Jessica's eyes met his and they didn't leave his face till she had taken in every corner and every edge of his face. He was incredibly handsome, his lips slightly parted. She blinked, her eyes going weary from the ferocity of the evening breeze.

"Jessica." She finally replied giving him her hand. He slowly brought it to his lips and kissed it.

"It's pleasure to meet you Jessica." Adrian whispered, smirking.

Michael faced his brother in astonishment and cocked his brow. He didn't know what the hell he was planning to do but he hoped that he sure as hell wasn't planning to use his looks on a witch. He brought him here and he simply could not risk not leaving with him simply because he wanted to be a charmer. Michael would not forgive himself if anything wrong happened to his brother because of him. From the moment Adrian's lips touched that woman's hand he could already sense trouble.

"You may come in, I don't want to keep handsome men like you'll waiting outside. It will be awful of me." She smiled moving backwards so they could come in. Immediately they stepped into the room the door shut behind them in a loud bang startling the three men.

They both turned around to stare at the door then at the woman who stood by it. Her eyes now crimson. "Who are you?" She screamed.

The floor started to shake underneath them and the fire in the chimney lit up. Their shadows cast on the wall started to look like moving ghost. Michael glared at Elijah In confusion but Elijah's eyes could not meet his as they were focussed on Jessica In fear. He wanted to Speak but his lips were tightly sealed together with magic. One would wonder why Jessica asked them any question if she was not going to let them answer it. Their bones started breaking suddenly. Adrian could hear his bones break in him and Michael could feel his blood boil withing him. They fell to their knees in pain and submission, their screams filled the room.

"Jessica stop it! We mean no harm! " Elijah screamed amidst the pain he felt. He used the last strength he could muster from within to unwind the spell Jessica had cast on his lips to keep him shut. For casting such a powerful spell he was going to be left powerless for days but it was better to be left powerless than to be dead.

"Can you just listen to us why ask a question that you don't want to hear the answer to." Michael growled, he was tasting blood in his mouth now. His hand flew to his chest in a bid to stop the searing pain he felt in it but the anguish would not go. He met her eyes and pleaded with his, tears fell down his cheeks in quick succession. He was so sure that he was going to pass out as he lost all ability to breathe.

Suddenly the pain stopped.

The three men fell on the stone floor gasping for air, their eyes closed as tears tricked down their faces and their lips parted as they tried as much as possible to get enough air into their starving lungs.

"Of course I know you came here to ask for help." Jessica laughed walking over to their bodies on the ground, she was gloating over their suffering, finding pleasure in their pain. "But I just need you to know where you are and who you are asking a favour from because men like you guys have the tendency of being deceived to think me weak." She chuckled. Her boots contacted Adrian's chest and he screamed in pain. "And small, but I am anything but these."

Michael opened his eyes immediately he heard his brothers screams. He leaped to him across the room, dragging his body on the ground. He placed his head on his brothers chest not able to watch him wriggle in pain, he was hurt and angry. This was all his fault, the feeling of guilt was eating him up. "We did not underestimate you, we never did. We were scared." He finally muttered shaking.

"As you should be." Jessica nodded. She clicked her tongue and turned to them amused by the wretchedness they exhibited after enduring just few seconds of her torture. Humans, so weak. She clicked her fingers and the men were raised up by unnatural force without a will of theirs. "Well let me hear your request then, Elijah."

Elijah's eyes flew open when she called his name. He swallowed hard and looked over to Michael and Adrian all three of them put on hold with her fingers. She was controlling every muscle in their body and every drop of blood in them. "We need your help." Elijah managed to utter in his strangled state. His eyes were fixed on her deadly ones.

"I already know that." She sighed clicking her fingers again. This time she gave up the power she had on them so they fell to their feet. "You have come too far to go back now. I'll listen to you because of your persistence and courage. I do like humans who break out of the stereotype." she added.

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