“Cree, don’t you dare!” I look at the young blonde who is reaching for his present. He just smiles and I jump up, grabbing it. The little boy puts his hands on his hips and pouts.

“What’s his problem?” Niall laughs, getting on his knees to look at his one year old son.

“He keeps trying to open his presents!” I growl, looking at the two Irish boys.

“Cree, what are you doing?” Greg laughs, coming into the room and looking at his nephew. Cree puts his hands on his hips and smiles, looking at his uncle. I roll my eyes and come over to Niall.

Niall kisses my forehead and I look at my son, who is messing with his uncle’s hair. “Cree, do you want to go see Uncle Xavier, Uncle Louis, Uncle Harry, Uncle Zayn, Uncle Mason and Uncle Liam?” I coo and the little boy’s eyes light up.

“You can come with too Greg.” Niall smiles and Greg smiles too.

“Sure!” He chirps, walking out of the room after picking Cree up.

“Hey.” Niall smiles, looking at me and pulling me onto his lap. I laugh at his childish acting and he wiggles his eyebrows. After a year and a half of being married, we were still weird together.

“Hiya Irish.” I laugh, poking his nose.

“I’M IN HERE. PLEASE DON’T JUST DO IT ON THE COUCH!” Someone squeals, coming into the room. I jump up, literally attacking Gemma. At twenty-four, my half-sister was still immature. Louis was worse though and he was twenty-three.

                Niall and I were twenty-one; we got married when we were nineteen. Only a couple months after my birthday. We didn’t have a long engagement but it didn’t bother me at all. We loved each other, that’s all that matters.

“Where’s Cree?” Gemma coos, making me laugh. Cree’s the only baby at the moment in our big family at the moment so everyone loves him to death.

“Don’t change the subject!” I laugh, rolling my eyes.

“What? About you guys doing it on the couch?” Gemma asks innocently.

“Yes.” I grit my teeth, making Niall laugh.

“Well, I like to think my little sister is a virgin.” Gemma pats my head, making Niall laugh.

“Love, do you think Cree just fell out of the sky?” Niall laughs, making me blush. Oh, this subject scares me!

“Yes.” Gemma snaps, making me laugh, falling off the couch and Niall landing on top of me with a loud ‘humph’ noise.

“Cree, Cree!” Someone yells and I see Zayn and LA making their way into the room, holding hands. LA’s preggers! Yay her! Yep, my bestie is joining the baby club!

“Greg has him.” Niall laughs, getting up and pulling me up with him. LA gives us a weird look and I roll my eyes. She gets weird ideas.

“They were making another baby. Cree isn’t enough.” Gemma smirks, making me tackle her. Soon, we are in a dog pile with Niall on top of me, LA on top of him and Zayn on top of her. Awkward.

“Get off.” I mutter but it comes out ‘gwesh toff’ instead.

“No.” I hear Zayn shout, making me laugh.

“Mummy, Daddy?” I hear someone and laugh, turning my head to look at my blonde son.

“Hi Cree.” I coo and he smiles. He plays with my hair and then pulls himself onto Zayn. You couldn’t notice his weight but I could hear LA sigh with the extra weight. Soon all the weight was gone and I was met by the beautiful eyes of my son that he shared with his father.

“Hi.” He chirps, grabbing my cheeks and making them like a fish’s. This is what Niall taught him. Ya never said Nialler was smart.

“Be a monkey, Cree.” Niall chirps from on top of me, making me laugh. Soon, our son was acting like a monkey, dancing around the room like that.

“Get off.” I mutter to Niall and soon the weight is lifted off of me and I get off my sister who fixes her hair.

“Thank you.” She mutters, picking up her nephew and blowing on his stomach and sending him into a fit of laughter.

This is my life as Kelsey Twist Horan.

Ya, some people hate me.

But, I love being with Cree and Niall.

My life's perfect.

It's just the way I like it.


Twin Direction (: <3

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