26. I don't believe in magic.

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Both brothers walked side by side to the door as the wind blew uncontrollably. It was always like that in ocean city, cold. Adrian knocked three times when they got to the door. There was no reply and no sounds, the house gave the aura of being abandoned for a long time.

"Are you sure that someone actually lives here." Michael was saying when a young beautiful woman opened the door a chain stopping it from opening wide. She looked through the space for anyone she recognized and when she saw him, Adrian she opened the door.

"Hello Adrian. I didn't think we would see again.

"She's beautiful." Micheal whispered.

"She's a he and he can hear you" Adrian whispered back into his ears.

"Oh. Sorry." He apologized smiling wryly. The woman who opened the door removed her wig and Michael gasped, she indeed was a man.

The house was homely but Michael didn't look at it for so long as they were guided upstairs into an enclosed room at the farthest end of the hall way by the woman who was a man.

Michael tried to take in all he was seeing astonished. He looked over his shoulder at his brother who stood behind him not surprised at all by what was in this room.

A six point star was drawn in the middle of the carpet in the dimly lit room. The only light came from one candle that was lit in the middle of the room. There was a round table at the top of the pointed star. There were red candles around the table in the room but they were not on. In the corner of the room there was an empty bowl. The fireplace added to the light but dimly.

Michael laughed. "You've got to be kidding me! Adrian did you seriously bring me here for some voodoo shit! Alright I'm leaving. If this is some kind of joke I do no not find it funny neither do I appreciate it." Michael laughed the sight before him was just unbelievably stupid. Who still did voodoo in the twenty first century. He turned around to leave but the door closed and locked on it's own accord. He gasped turning back. "I do not find this funny."

"Just shut up already. I should have let you leave but for your brother, here now sit down let's find your woman. Hopefully she isn't in danger and you aren't late. I'm Elijah by the way." Elijah stated stretching his hands out, but Michael refused to take it. He was confused as hell on whatever shit was going on.

Elijah drew back his hands and shrugged. "Well aren't you supposed to be the good brother." Michael rolled his eyes not dignifying his question with an answer.

Elijah turned around and walked to the table. He pulled his shoe before stepping both his legs on two sides of the six point star. Then he raised his hands up closing his eyes. "Join me."

"Common don't be a Pussy trust me. This is the only way to find the all so famous Gloria. So you can finally make use of your dick." Adrian finally spoke. He had been lost in his memories the moment he stepped into this room.

"Oh shut the fuck up Adrian." Michael grinned. He wouldn't lie and say that the thought of fucking Gloria hadn't crossed his mind more than once but that wasn't what mattered to him. He wanted her love not just her body. "I don't trust this shit but alright if you insist then fine." This guy his definitely on cheap drugs Michael wanted to add but he restrained himself

Elijah opened his eyes to see that the two men were still standing where he left them and he almost rolled his eyes into his socket. "I'm glad you now agree. Now Michael please take of your shoe and step on the six point star Adrian you too. We need as much power as we can get on here. The more the merrier isn't that what you humans say."

You humans. Guy thinks because he has a room with candles and a six point star he is now a witch like those exist. Michael thought amused. Anyway he was going to join them in this game and see where it leads him to.

Michael amused did as Elijah had Instructed him to. He took off his shoes and placed them on two of the pointed stars. Adrian did the same.

"Give me your hands." Elijah asked of Michael. Michael hesitated for a second still very skeptical about it all. He inhaled resignedly after few seconds, he took out his hands and placed it on Elijah's palm. He thought that all that was happening was some kind of joke but he felt the need to see it to the end. "I need your blood to connect to her since you are the one who needs to find her."

"No wait what!" I'm so not doing that shit! " Michael exclaimed taking his hands back. "Leave my blood out of this."

"Man you just have to. It's just a little blood." Adrian assured him patting his shoulders. "Just trust me that's all he will take." Adrian added with a chuckle.

"Only a little blood Alright." Michael emphasized, this was getting more insane by the moment. But if there was the slightest chance that this insanity could bring Gloria back then he couldn't back down. After all he had tried to sanely find her and all he tried proved futile. Elijah rolled his eyes again.

He took a dagger from the table and cut Michael with it, barely grazing his skin. Michael flinched but didn't move.

Elijah then pressed a finger on the wound making it bleed faster. Michael in pains tried to pull his fingers away but he couldn't anymore, Elijah was already connected to her. Michael felt like he was going to pass out.

"I see her." He whispered. His eyes opened but they were blackened and It scared the hell out of Michael.

Whatever it was that the guy Elijah was taking, it must be really good. He thought.

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