25. Where to?

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They had started their journey towards east of Ocean city just about thirty minutes after the office scene. It was already getting very late which was not part of the plan.

Michael was not only angry at his brother for how he humiliated Amara but also for how he was making them go late to this supposed helper he wanted them to meet all just because he couldn't control his dick.

"Look Michael you can stop with the silence now." Adrian said, finally deciding that as the elder brother it was only right that he cleared the air between them. He watched his brother from the corner of his eyes as he continued driving.

After everything that happened thirty minutes ago his brother had been giving him the cold shoulder and as much as he did not mind it when they were teens he sure as hell could not stand it now that they were grown coupled with the fact that they were going to dangerous territories. They needed to be on good terms if they wanted to make it out unscathed.

"You said you were going to marry her not humiliate her in front of Ciara." Adrain replied looking away from the mirror. "The least you can do is respect her enough to call of the marriage if you no longer want it."

"You know that father would not accept Ciara. Damn! you've always been on my side and you don't even like her. Father would die before he let's me marry her."

"Because everyone can see that she's just after our family's wealth everyone except you that is. Look you have to see past her annoying sniffing, fake tears and good pussy cause other than that she's nothing."

Adrian pulled to a halt in anger. Luckily for him cars rarely drove on the side of town he was driving on. "I don't understand, you can love your secretary but I cannot. How is your secretary any better? Except she's one of those wealthy people who prefer to live poor. Or is there something I'm missing out here?"

"Do not bring Gloria into this. This is not about her being poor and you know it, this is about her being deceitful. Look let's just not talk about it till we are back. Hopefully it won't be too late to make amends and when I mean too late I mean let's just hope Amara hasn't fucking called of the damn engagement. That woman loves you Adrian."

"But I don't love her can't you both understand it."

"Brother, I'm the only one who knows about Ciara meaning that you don't even have enough courage to fight for her because you don't even trust her. Tell me I'm wrong. If I am then you won't be keeping her secret."

Adrian breathed out. He looked at his brothers determined face, Michael was indeed eager to prove his point. Adrian shrugged and turned on the ignition. "I love her but_"

"You don't trust her do you? My God Adrian when will you realize that you lust over her and you pity her but you sure as hell don't love her. If you did you would trust her."

"She loves me." Adrian sighed dejected. His brother was making a valid point and he had nothing to defend himself except from love, a word he wasn't sure he even felt. He more than anyone knew that love wasn't just enough to keep a marriage going and that some times pity could be mistaken as love. He didn't want to make the same mistake his parents did, a mistake they were still paying for.

"I'm not saying that she doesn't love you. I'm saying that you cannot trust her."

"You know what let's just focus on your woman for now."

Michael could not have agreed better. He smiled at Adrian and Adrian returned the gesture with a pat.

"We've been on the road for thirty minutes where the hell are we going." Michael asked. He had gotten impatient with all the turns they were making. The sun had disappeared completely from the sky ten minutes ago and the moon showed pridefully in it's wake now.

"To see an old friend." Adrian replied turning over at a huge mansion. He stopped his car behind an oak tree and got down.

Michael rolled his eyes getting down from the car too. Adrian had better not have brought me to a drug dealer he thought sighing. "Where is this. Looks like some archaic kind of bullshit and it better not be what I'm thinking."

Adrian grinned locking the car. He ignored Michaels worry trying to rattle him the more. He loved it when his brother became rattled like this because of his past. He was the younger one but Michael was so protective of him.

"Follow me if you want your lover back brother." Adrian replied. "Besides the house is kind of beautiful." He chuckled. Michael rolled his eyes again. They both stood looking at the white house in front of them. The house looked like something from a horror movie, old and abandoned.

"She's not my lover." Michael retorted with a smile as they walked to the door. He wouldn't lie he loved when his brother said things like that to him. The thought of being Gloria's lover was just too good to be true. He couldn't stop the smile that crept up his face.

"Hopefully when we find her you can confess your undying love to her and get it over with."

"I hope so."

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