24. I do not believe your lies.

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Her head was buried on his shoulders as he whispered sweet promises into her ear. He held in his hands her curly blonde hair which fell to her side he then slid it behind her ear. Her tears stained his suit but he didn't mind. He was going to use it to remember her. It will be his favourite suit.

"I am so sorry." He whispered again. His voice clogged from tears. His lips twitched as he fought the urge to cry.

"It's alright." Ciara said raising her head up from his head. "I understand." She smiled at him an all too fake smile. She didn't understand she couldn't have. He himself didn't understand. Nothing was clear and yet everything was. They couldn't be together.

Ciara stood up shaking. Her legs felt like they belonged to Someone else and not her, but then maybe it did belong to someone else, him. He once told her that he owned her, every bit of her, every fibre of her being. She had believed him.

"I'll leave now." She smiled adjusting her skirt. She was always smiling even in tears. Adrian quickly jumped up from the chair like a force had pulled him up. He held her to himself and hugged her fiercely. Not minding her weak squeals. Ciara cried. It seemed to be all she could do lately. Cry.

When she had quieted down. She looked up at him her eyes red and sore. Sweat formed on her forehead. "Please." Was all she could say before he took her lips in hers.

She loved the way he kissed her. The pure manly power he exhibited when he claimed her lips. She loved the taste of him and he loved the taste of her. He knew within him that he would never get to love anyone as much as he loved her but he thought he had no choice even when he did.

She kissed him slowly still shaken from crying too much. She let him lead the way while she submitted to his wishes. They were both two engrossed in the kiss, savouring each others lips, tasting and loving the feel of each other that they didn't hear the knock on the door neither did they hear the footsteps. But they heard the clap because unlike the knock and the foot step the Clap was loud and precise.

The Clap was to cause shock and it did for both of them Both left the sweet comfort of each others arms and detached from the heavenly taste of each others lips.

"Adrian why am I not surprised." Came a voice they both knew who the owner was. It was that tiny voice that held with it power.

In fear and shock they both stood still both nervous. Still they could taste each other on their lips and they didn't want the taste to go.

The woman who had made her presence known with a clap now stood in front of them with rage filled eyes and a disappointed countenance.

She was smallish and petite unlike Ciara who was thick. She looked weak like a damsel in distress but do not let her looks deceive you she was anything but weak. You could see her strength if you looked deeper. More than her appearance was that striking charisma and perfect stance that made her both intimidating and lovely.

"Amara." Adrian sighed, his feelings moved from the shock of being caught to irritation in just seconds. Letting go of Clara's shaking hands he took the few steps to Amara circling her, becoming the predator now Instead of the prey. He was using her love for him against her, he knew that she could do anything to keep him including taking his Bullshits."What are you doing here?" He asked folding his hands across his chest. He gaped at her trying to intimidate her.

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