23. He strikes a deal.

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"Brother you look worse today. Far much worse." Adrian said immediately he walked into his brothers office.

He sat down on the sofa, his sympathetic eyes not leaving his brothers face. For three months his brother Michael had been searching for his secretary. At first he didn't understand why he was so determined to find her when he could easily have gotten another replacement. It was not until his brother in a drunken stupor confessed his feelings for Gloria.

When Gloria suddenly went missing with her went his brothers peace of mind. Now he was either looking sad, angry or regretful. Not even him could make him smile.

"I've spread the word east and south and still no one can tell me something about her. Anything. It's like she just disappeared into thin air. But_" He breathed out resting his head on his hand. "I don't want to believe she disappeared. Gloria is alive and I just have to find her even if it means me turning ocean city to a war zone I have to find her." Michael added standing up.

Ever since Gloria got missing he couldn't seat down for long, anytime he did he felt he was wasting ample time, time he could use to intensify the search for her. Sitting agitated him so much he passed on it most times.

"She could be dead and__"

"Don't you dare! Don't you dare say that!" Michael shouted pulling up his brother by the shirt, his grip firm on him firm. He was breathing heavily as a result of his rage. "she is not dead she can't be. She just can't be." He muttered over again letting go of his brother with a weak sigh.

He perched on his table and tried to catch his breath. The emotional state he was just put into by the mere mention of the possibility of Gloria's death was too much for him to handle.

Adrian's eyes remained wide open. His heart pumped hard against his chest. He breathed out severally before his heart rate returned to normal.

His brother was previously never aggressive as a matter of fact his little brother was the nice one amongst the duo, the ever loving patient one. He was the Stefan to his Damon. The one that did good. Never had he laid his hands on him.

Michael doing this just showed him how important the woman was to him. He had to help his brother find her by any means possible.

"I'm sorry." Michael quickly apologized. "I shouldn't have said that. It's a delicate topic. Honesty is not exactly fair in topics like this."

"No its OK." Stefan admitted sitting down. "Touche. I overreacted but all this is getting me so worked up, I swear I just might lose my mind!" Michael drawled, pulling his hands over his face in frustration.

"That won't happen brother as long as I'm alive. That brings me to the question I've been dying to ask you since I got in here. What are you willing to do to get her back? How far can you go?"

"I'll do anything. Anything! I'll go to the ends of the earth if need me, just put me to it" Michael answered with hopeful eyes. He prayed with all his heart that his brother had a way to get him out of this just like he had always gotten him out of his problems before.

Whenever he was backed up against the wall he always sort help from his brother because unlike him his brother didn't play by so many rules.

"You really love her don't you?"

"I need to find her brother. Tell me what do I have to do. Kill the mayor?"

"Hopefully not." They both chuckled. "Although that can be considered the man is an ass."


"Joking. Alright then, tonight we will find the love of your life. By 7 I'll come pick you up and we will go find your woman or your secretary whichever one she is." Adrian stood up.

"What's the plan"

"You will see. Trust me little brother." He winked at him giving him a sad smile.

He had to do well by his brother just like his brother had done right by him all these years. If it means going back to his demons then he would. His brother had to get back his woman no matter the price even if the price was his sanity.

When Adrian left Michael sighed in relief. It was the first time in days that he felt hopeful again.

He was in love with Gloria. He didn't know how or when he started loving her but he knew he did. That's why he was rude to her to stop himself from fucking himself up before her or just plain looking as stupid as she she made him feel for loving her so bad.

No matter how he tried to get her attention he never succeeded, she never even noticed him. It was like she was hellbent on proving that he had no effect on her.

Her going missing was just the icing to his cake of sadness, rejection and confusion. A part of him wanted to believe that she was fine and maybe she just decided to run away from him but he knew just like everyone else knew that Gloria was too brave to run away from her problems.

He was getting more desperate with his search for her with each passing day. As it stood now, he could go to hell if he heard that she was there waiting for him. He wanted her back by every means possible.

He just would not stop till he got her back and then when he does he planned to woo her, to love her like there was no tomorrow. He was going to apologize to her and make all things right with them even if he had to kneel to prove how sorry he was for the way he had treated her before her disappearance.

He needed a chance to make things right with the woman he loved. She just could not be dead, he needed to find her. Hopefully whatever plan his brother had would be better than the one's the security department of Ocean city had been using in their search for her.

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