Twin Direction

Chapter Twenty-Two


-Weeks Later (Kelsey’s Birthday)-


-We only have this chapter left guys! Then the epilogue!

I'm putting this in all my books. Oi.

So, I've been like yelled at for not putting a lot in my info about my horses. Well, I don't have room!! So. Here you go. Oldest to youngest and info.

*Coo Reed (Mango): Impressive Bred Quarter Horse.  (Has papers.) Gelding. 18.
Nickname: Old Man
I haven't done tons with him yet because he has arthiritis. He will be a trail horse because I'm not able to do a lot of work with him.
We adopted him from a rescue in March. His legs are all banged up and he has multiple scars. He had collapsed when he arrived at the HAHS hospital. He was in a sling for a couple of days (not for sure how many).

*Elway Murphy (Elway): POA. Gelding. 15
Nickname: Murphy, Old Blue
He's a trail horse. I've had him two years and he's a special needs horse. Technically. It's complicated. He's different and is weird. He's the only horse my friends are allowed to ride which I think is funny because he is syco. He will only let me ride bareback and if he doesn't like you he will go rodeo style on you.
My old trainer bought him for a project in July of '10 and I ended up buying him in October '10.

*Abroria Obsession (Abby): Morgan. (Has papers). Mare. 15
Nickname: Abster
She's a halter/english/western horse. I am free leasing her at the moment to learn how to show and then I am going to have partial ownership. Which means I can show her and take her places whenever I want to. Hopefully I am going to show her in September but it's up to my parents.
She's really funny. You have to stand up in the saddle and lean forward to make her back up. She won't do it any other way.
We are kind of learning to do speed.

*Mocha: Thoroughbred. Gelding. 12.
Nickname: Moch
He's a speed horse in training. He doesn't get what slowing down and stopping is. We're training him to do barrels and stuff and hopefully he will be ready by next show season or the end of this one.
He's my other rescue that came in with Mango. He had a heart murmur.

“Tomlinson.” I warn, sticking my pointer finger out at the boy. “You touch me and I’ll tell Niall you raped me.”

“Aren’t you over exaggerating just a little?” Gemma asks, lying on the couch.

“No.” I laugh and soon I’m getting held down on the ground. “Damn you, Styles.”

“You should give her a break. It is her birthday after all.” Harry adds, poking me with his toe. I squeal, pushing Louis off of me roughly and running outside, far, far away from Harry’s toe and Louis.

“Whoa. Don’t run into me.” A deep voice laughs and I turn around to see Mason. With a chick on his arm. That’s when I notice who it is and I scream bloody murder.

“SASHA!” I shout, hugging her tight. Then I look at the both of them. “You guys, together?”

“Yes.” Sasha says slyly, looking at the ground.

“Don’t hurt her!” I warn Mason whose eyes widen in fear. I roll my own eyes, making him sigh in relief.

                Niall and the boys had planned a small get together for my birthday. It consisted of Sasha, Mason, Bailey, LA, Mad, Gemma, Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn. Not so small but small for us. We were all spending the night at my house in the living room. That was going to be different.

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