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-Chapter 5

The Hangout Pt.2

Lisa's Point of View:

We went inside the apartment and my eyes immediately caught five hot boys who are lounging in the living room with their backs reclined on that comfy sofa; their eyes immediately flew to our direction.

Damn, how is it possible that I'm still alive and well after seeing those handsome and innocent - looking laddies?

"Jungkook? I thought we had agreed to not bring girls into our hangouts? We don't want to hear whining sounds all over the place." One dude rudely said while glaring at me; I stood there, frozen.

"Hey! Not all girls are whiny!" I wanted to yell at them, but that wouldn't make a good impression of myself. Well, it's already a bad impression so far, since their glares shout "Kill her!".

Jungkook's right, they're not what they look like.

I didn't bother to answer, because well, first of all, I don't want to get kicked out, especially if this place is still unfamiliar to me. Second of all, I could just huff as a sign of reply to make me look more manly?

Well, SOME GIRLS, take note of that emphasis and please, I'm not one of those BOYS in front of me who stereotype. Okay, we're drifting off from our topic here. Well, some girls, don't have self control when it comes to words that come out of their mouths.

Enough of my mental notes and let's proceed to the story.

I looked at Jungkook hoping that he would atleast say something on my behalf. He seemed to get what I mean before facing his hyungs and saying something.

"Hyung? Seriously? You need glasses. He's clearly a boy. I mean look at him closely." He pushed me towards them, as if presenting something in a meeting.

"Uh, hi?" I waved at them awkwardly, trying to maintain the manliest voice I could produce.

"See! She can't even act like a man!" One guy suddenly shouted making me jump at the sudden voice.


I looked down, because well, I don't want to see their sharp glares that could actually throw knives at me.

"Jungkook, maybe you're the one who needs glasses. This "so called boy you described" has the features of a lady." Another one said calmly but as he spoke, his tone was getting angrier and angrier.

"Look at who's talking! Pfft, features of lady? Seriously people? Look at yourselves in the mirror before saying I'm the girl here." I thought, but I restrained myself by keeping it inside my mouth. But hey! It's true though, at first I thought Jungkook was a girl in our first meeting.

"Features of lady but they have the face of a kpop idol's and are more beautiful than me." *cries in Thai*

Oh shut up, Lisa's cray cray head! We're moving away from the story here!

At this point, they're more on the girls' side right now with their big mouths all over the place.

"Nothing is gonna happen when you people just stay here, exchanging words that will lead you to nowhere." That seemed to shut them up and I gave myself a pat on the back for that.

Yeah Lalisa! Show them who's the man!

(No pun intended. ;) )

Jungkook and I took that silence as a chance to get comfortable around the living room. I sat on the sofa and they didn't really bother to argue about my gender anymore, so I sighed in relief.

"So Jungkook? Care to tell me their names?" I nudged Jungkook on the arm. "Well, I don't think it's time to introduce you to them now, considering the situation earlier... But sure, I could tell you their names. I'm sure they'll ask V for yours."

My eyebrows quirked when he mentioned V. V what? The letter V? "V?" I asked him. "Taehyung, that's his nickname." He pointed at the guy I saw earlier.

"That's RM or Namjoon." He pointed at the one holding his phone. "That's Jin." Now, his finger dragged to the one eating his bag of chips. "That's Suga or Yoongi." He pointed at the one sleeping. "That's J-hope or Hoseok." He pointed at the one resting on the bean bag. "That's Jimin." He pointed at the one who said that I was a girl.

What? Did I just hear him say the names of the members of BTS? No way, it can't be.

"So hyung? What group is it today?" I heard Jungkook question at them while holding the TV's remote control.

Did he just say group? What kind of group? Like group of artists? People? Shows? WHAT.

I waited for his hyungs' answer and they just whispered to each other before answering Jungkook. "BTS? I heard that's a new group?" Jin, the one munching on his heavenly chips, answered.

I snorted but they just ignored my gesture. Seriously? They actually just fan boy for their hangouts? BTS? Really, out of all groups? Not that I'm complaining, but I just find it a coincidence to have these seven boys around me who look exactly like the members of BTS. Yes guys, I'm an ARMY.

Is that why they didn't want to have girls around? They don't want people to judge them? I was about to cackle but I had to control myself.

"Nah, hyung. They debuted in 2013. They just became a trend nowadays." RM retorted, still scrolling something on his phone.

"Okay, BTS it is." Jungkook decided to search up their music videos on YouTube on his TV. He clicked Blood, Sweat, and Tears and I just smirked at them. They don't know what that video contains.

After that, they would be questioning their own sexualities and not mine anymore.

-Chapter 5 End




Spoiler: Next Chapter would be about Lisa, Jungkook, and Yoongi.

If you guys, want to read the boys' reactions. Then it would be in the Seventh Chapter, I was too excited on writing the last part of the Sixth. xD

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