Chapter One: Bad Boy Meetings [edited]

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1 | Bad Boy Meetings

        I knew I was in love with Bradley Carson ever since the third grade. Yeah, she was a fifth grader and the older sister of my best friend Scott but I didn't care; I just wanted her to be mine. To me, Bradley was-and still is- the enigma of perfection. Although she had flaws, she had a certain "je ne sais quoi" that made her very appealing to the eyes. I've watched her go through boyfriends like an alcoholic goes through Hennessy; one by one, without giving a damn.

    "Bradley Joanna Carson, you are the most beautiful girl in this entire town," I informed the aforementioned beauty as she fiddled with the lock on her locker. It was the first day back at school from Winter Break. While everyone was walking around catching up with their friends, I took it upon myself to confess my true feelings for Bradley. Throughout the holidays, I was planning and prepping myself for this day.

   "Liam," She said, her freshly manicured fingers still spinning the dial to go to the designated numbers that unlocked the lock. "You tell me this every day." She chuckled to herself.

    "I know I do but this time it's different," I said, resting a hand against a locker to balance myself. Although I had previous prepared myself for this, it didn't stop the fact that my heart was ferociously thumping against my chest. I honestly believed that my feelings for Bradley wasn't a secret. I'm sure she had suspected it over the years that we have spent together (due to the fact that Scott was my best friend and her younger brother). I'm pretty sure everyone knew.

   "And how is it different?" She questioned, as she finally unlocked her locker. With a triumphant smile, she turned and faced me with her charming, green eyes. Her eyes were a beautiful shade of emerald, with tiny flecks of blue in them. No matter what mood Bradley was in, her eyes always had a friendly look to them.

   "There's something that I've been meaning to tell you," I said, after a moment of silence. At this point Bradley's friends, Kiara and Melissa were approaching towards us.  "Do you mind?" I asked, as the girls quickly started rambling to Bradley about basic high school drama. "We were kind of in the middle of a conversation,"

   "Oh, Hey Liam," said Kiara, as she flashed me a smile with her pearly whites, "We didn't even see you there,"

   "Of course you didn't," I muttered under my breath, I glanced over at Bradley who was already staring at me. I showed her a look as if to say 'Can you please ask them to go so we can talk?'. Surprisingly, she got the message and turned to face her friends.

  "Go on girls, I'll catch up with you two later," She said, reassuringly with a sweet smile. Even when she was shooing people away, she sounded so nice.

  The two girls opened their mouths as if they were going to say something but quickly shut them. They both shot me a dirty look and rolled their eyes, before they turned around and sashayed to God knows where.

   "What is it that you have to tell me," questioned Bradley, as we started walking down the halls to her first period class. I usually took it upon myself to walk Bradley to her first class every day, even if she didn't ask me to. The only time I didn't walk her was whenever one of her current flings beat me to it.

    "I really like you, Bradley," I said, after taking a deep breath. I glanced at the brunette, who continued walking as if what I said didn't faze her.

   "I like you too, Liam," She replied, patting my back, "You're a really great friend,"

    I stopped and stood there looking at her. "Bradley," I said, grasping onto her hand so she could stop. "I mean, I like like you,"

   "Liam," she whispered, as she tucked a piece of her long brown hair behind her pierced ears; She grasped my hand, and lightly squeezed it. "Please don't."

  "Bradley," I croaked, shaking my head, "I need to get this off of my chest. I'm not afraid of my feelings for you."

    At that point, bystanders in the hall started to pay their attention to us. A small crowd began to form around Bradley and I. My heart rate started increasing, I wasn't used to being the center of attention.

   "Will you go out on a date with me?" I asked in a voice that didn't even sound like mine.

   "Is he serious?" said Melissa and Kiara in unison, somehow the two girls managed to find their way through the crowd. They then both busted into a hearty laughter, with other bystanders following suit. My stomach tightened a bit at their rude action, as I watched Bradley shoot her two best friends a dirty look. She turned her attention back to me and gave me a weak smile.

   "Liam," She sheepishly looked around at the boisterous, noisy crowd as her cheeks turned a darker shade of red. I watched the beautiful girl as she once again, grasped onto my hand that was now balled up into a fist out of frustration because of the bystanders."I'm sorry but I can't go out with you. I just got out of a relationship and I'm not emotionally stable. I don't want to hurt you,"

  "You could never hurt me, Bradley."

   "You're too nice, Liam. You're too nice for me. There's nothing wrong with being nice but I-I'm sorry." She let go of my hand and quickly walked away, heading straight to her class.

    "Wait," I managed to say but it was too late. I turned around and faced the crowd of bystanders. They were all staring and laughing at me. I flashed them the finger and stormed away. What the hell was I thinking?

I hope you guys like the first chapter! I know it's a bit short but I promise the next one will be longer. I didn't want to pack too much action in here xD Vote and Comment because all is highly appreciated :3 -Jade xx (Unedited) Dedicated to hepburnettes because she is officially my favorite author on Wattpad

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