Tips - Straight Smut

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Hey y'all, it's Grey. I'm just gonna write a few tips for writers out there looking to write STRAIGHT or TRANS smut. I'm just gonna get started.

Okay, so basically when you start writing your smut you start by opening with either a scene (no context is given prior, starts in with usually something relating to sex or something sexual) or a make-out scene NORMALLY. But you can also start by slowly progressing into smut if you have a storyline behind it. Now that being said, I know it's all a little confusing and hard to understand but hopefully if you read a few of the scenes we'll write in this book, you'll understand more. 

Also, since trans smut is basically the same thing as they dont technically change to their wanted genitals. All you have to do is change their pronouns to their preferred ones.

Some good descriptive words and verbs to use during straight or trans oral are flicking, swallowing, kissing, licking, etc.

For anal, I dont really have much experience but I'm sure after Alex publishes the gay tips chapter you'll understand a little.

For vaginally, tight, wet, dripping, etc are pretty good words.

This is a VERY brief intro to what straight smut really is but hopefully if you read the straight smut that I or Alex write you'll understand a bit. 

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