Chapter Seven: Too Far

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"Oh god.. Danny.." I looked down to where all my blood was.

My expiration date finally came....

I reached down and felt my stomach but it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would.

"Blondie, it's not yours.." Danny stammered. I patted down my whole torso. He was right! It wasn't mine! I was okay! But whose was it....

He grabbed my face in his hands, looked me straight in the eyes, and said,

"I was right Blondie, we should have never fought... It went too far!" he cried. Tears started flowing down the side of his cheeks. I wasn't used to seeing Danny this way. He was supposed to be the one that's always smiling, always in a good mood.

"Danny... You're scaring me... What happened?" I croaked. My face felt like it had been hit by a train and my whole body was aching. His eyes flickered to the side. I turned my head and saw the body of the Richie that attacked me. His face covered in blood. I turned to Danny in shock. I looked down at his hands and they were bleeding pretty badly. It looked as if he had been punching a brick wall for an hour.

"I didn't mean to!" he cried. "He was on top of you punching you over and over! I thought he was gonna kill you! I lost it. I threw him back and started pounding on his face... I took it too far and now he's dead!"

Danny was breaking down. I looked around and saw another motionless body laying on the grass next to Jack's feet. Jack was smoking a cigarette with a worried look on his face. Mike was holding Lucy and trying to calm her down, Jimmy was sitting with his back against the fountain staring at the sky with Randy next to him, and Ricky was pacing back and forth near Jack.

"While I was beating up this Richie, Jack took on the other one that was holding you. I'd never seen him so mad before. They were fighting for a while before Jack finally brought out his switch blade and stabbed him. Stabbed him right in the gut. It went too far..." he babbled. 

I started to loose it. "Danny, what about the others?! The ones that drove up in the car?! Did they see you? Did they see your faces? Did-"

"They all hopped in their car right when those two Richies teamed up on you. They drove away before I even got the guy off you. The last thing they saw was them two beating you up. We are the only ones that know they're dead," Ricky ranted. Danny started to cry again.

"Danny, it's okay. It'll all be okay. You did what you had to. You saved me." I kissed him on the cheek and put my arm around him. "We all just need to call down and figure out what we are gonna do." He looked at me and smiled. I wiped the tears off his cheek and he stood up. He extended his hand and helped me up. I felt dizzy and stumbledl into his arms. He helped me stand up straight again, and after a couple moments I was okay to walk. We slowly walked over to where everyone was.

Jack threw his cigarette on the ground and walked over to me.

"You alright kid?" he asked. He looked at my face and gave me a worried look. It must have looked real bad.

"I've been better," I replied.

"Hey guys lets not avoid the subject here," Randy blurted. "What the hell are we gonna do about this man?!" he yelled gesturing to the bodies. He all looked at each other. If we got caught we would all be sent to jail. Jack motioned us to gather closely in a circle.

"Listen," he began. "Nobody is gonna say a damn thing! If we get caught we're ALL going to the cooler."

"Jack there were a whole bunch of other Richies," Lucy cried. "They already know who the hell did it!!"

"SHHH!" Jimmy hissed. "The last thing they saw was them beating up on Blondie. They don't know that they're dead yet. Jack's right. If nobody says a thing, we won't get caught."

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