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"We know what we are, but not what we may be."  ~William Shakespeare

Sloane watched Axel pace back and forth across the room while Emerens remained at her side as if he expected her to bolt again

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Sloane watched Axel pace back and forth across the room while Emerens remained at her side as if he expected her to bolt again. Axel had done his best to explain why they needed this stone thing they were searching for. Something about it being important to where he and his brother grew up. And if paired with the others they'd already found, it would prevent the creatures, like the Devourers, from hurting anyone.

She understood its importance to them; the evidence shone from his eyes as he spoke. What she didn't understand was exactly how she was involved and could help. Her mind was simply refusing to wrap itself around the information. She shook her head still unsure how this could be happening.

"I've told you, you've got the wrong person. I'm not this... this seer person. My family is as normal as... well, as anyone."

"Think about it. You figured out your best friend was a Charmed being, you found a seer's map, and Devourers targeted you. What other proof do you need?"

Rens words rang in her head, but her heart was still clutched in the fists of fear. She'd shared about finding the piece of paper when she'd visited Bellingham with Delanie a couple weeks before. They'd given each other a pointed look as if saying hearing whispery voices was a natural occurrence. Maybe it was for them, but not her.

Sloane felt the cold tendrils of dread crawling up her, holding her prisoner. She hated it. This would have been a dream come true when she was younger. Shoot, even a year ago, she'd have jumped at this opportunity, but something held her back. It was like a door. If she opened it, she'd see what was on this other side. She'd have to admit the fear she felt was real, caused by something she couldn't see. If she continued to ignore it, it wasn't real.

"I... I know what you're saying. I understand the predicament you're in. I really do, but I can't do this."

Sloane rose, neither brother moving to stop her, but the look Axel leveled at her as she reached for her bags, almost caused her to stop. She made it all the way to the door, before a heaviness settled on her shoulders. If she ran now, she'd be running the rest of her life. Wondering what ifs. And she hated that game. It never led anywhere good. She turned, not sure what she was about to say until her mouth opened.

"I need some time. I need to talk to my parents. I can't promise anything, but if they can verify anything you say about me, I'll reconsider." Emerens' lips turned up giving her a beaming smile. Axel's shoulders loosened, but the tightness in his features remained.

"Maybe one of us should go with you to visit your folks. You know, in case they have questions," Rens suggested with a shrug. She was about to brush the idea away when she thought about the tension hanging between her parents and herself. Maybe a random third party would be the perfect buffer to keep both of them on their best behavior. If she knew anything about her parents, it was appearances mattered. They would want to appear to be the perfect doting parents, the perfect little family around anyone she brought home.

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