Chapter 1

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Lance's P.O.V.

"Hunk where is my green jacket?" I hear Pidge from their room

"I think Lance stole it!" Hunk yells from the kitchen

"I didn't steal it!" I shout, arranging the clothes I borrowed in a circle around my bed "I borrowed them I'll give them back soon!"

"Can I give you some other clothes?" Pidge asks appearing at the doorway "I know it's for a nest and all but I really need that jacket."

"Ok fine, but give it back when you're done." I agree

We make a quick switch in clothes and then head to the kitchen where Hunk has made breakfast. Scrambled eggs and bacon

"Are you in pre-heat?" Hunk asks

"Nope, just want to nest." I reply

"Hmm normally omegas only want to nest during heat or pre-heat." Pidge says, typing on their laptop

"Well I'm not exactly a normal omega." I say, grabbing some bacon "I've always enjoyed nesting."

"Good point." Pidge replies

"Are you two ready for school today?" Hunk asks, packing the lunch boxes

"Yeah, I finished my assignment." Pidge says "I stayed up all night."

"We know, we could hear you groaning in frustration and typing harshly and three in the morning." Hunk says, handing them their lunch box

"Whatever Mum." Pidge replies

I feel a little pain in my chest, Pidge and Hunk have gotten really close lately. Hunk and I have known each other since kindergarten, back before we presented. He defended me from bullies and always shared his lunch with me when the others stole it. He never presented as an alpha or an omega, but he showed all the signs of being a beta so it was obvious what secondary gender he was.

My story is a little different. I was hanging out with Hunk at my house when suddenly i felt like I was being stabbed. I screamed a lot an Hunk panicked. Of course there was nothing to worry about, the doctor cleared up right away it was just me presenting. I spent the week at home and since I didn't want to be alone Hunk stayed with me. Because he was a beta my heat didn't really have any effect on him.

But now Hunk seems to want to spend all his time with Pidge. I think it's because they're both betas so they can relate to each other more but it still hurts.

"-nce, Lance!" I hear Pidge shout, snapping me from my thoughts

"You ok buddy? You kind of zoned out." Hunk says passing me my lunch box

"I'm fine, I guess I'm really tired." I reply

"Guys we only have ten minutes until school!" Pidge suddenly yells and we all panic

We quickly pack our school bags and make a mad dash to school. If we're late we could get detention and even though I can talk my way out of detention, using my "omega eyes" I can't get Hunk and Pidge out of it.

We arrive at school and rush to our lockers. After Pidge and Hunk grab their things they go inside the classroom but I'm not as fast so I'm left behind. Of course they probably didn't realise but it still hurts.

As I close my locker my heart stops. There is a guy, about my age with black hair and a white tuft at the front walking down the hallway. I think he is the hottest person I've ever seen. He looks very strong, I can see his muscles through his shirt. He looks up at me and my heart skips a beat.

Shiro's P.O.V.
I'm walking down the hallway to the art classroom to get some paper for my science project. I forgot to grab it earlier and I'm already completely unmotivated to do school work today. At least after school I can spend time with my boyfriend Keith.

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